DELTA initial W11 Long-Haul Operation Changes as of 04JUN11

As per 04JUN11 GDS timetable display, DELTA’s initial operational changes to Africa, Europe and South America for Northern Winter 2011 season as follows.

Northern Winter 2011 begins from 29OCT11. Some of these changes will go in effect earlier than this date. As always more changes are expected in the coming weeks.

Atlanta – Amsterdam Airbus A330-200 operates Daily, replacing -300 in W10
Atlanta – Milan Malpensa Winter operation reduced from 5 weekly in W10 to 4 weekly in W11
DL074 ATL1720 – 0840+1MXP 767 x156
DL075 MXP1030 – 1520ATL 767 x267

Atlanta – Munich Boeing 767-300 operating, replacing -400 in W10
Atlanta – Paris CDG DELTA will operate 1 Daily flight instead of 2, while Skyteam partner AIRFRANCE operates 2 instead of 1
Boston – London Heathrow 29OCT11 – 23MAR12 Reduce from 2 to 1 Daily
DL270 BOS1840 – 0625+1LHR 767 D
DL271 LHR1030 – 1325BOS 767 D

Newark – Amsterdam Boeing 767 continues operating in W11, replaces A330-200 in W10
New York JFK – Milan Boeing 767-300ER operating, replacing A330-200 in W10
Portland OR – Amsterdam 01OCT11 – 23MAR12 Reduce from Daily to 5 weekly
DL178 PDX1330 – 0830+1AMS 332 x47
DL179 AMS1000 – 1135PDX 332 x47

Following routes sees an increase in terms of capacity and/or frequency for Winter 2011, compared to W10. These info are as of June 2011 and additional changes are still possible:

Atlanta – Barcelona Daily 767 (5 weekly in W10)
Detroit – Amsterdam 3rd Daily service DL248/249 operates with A330-300 (-200 in W10)
New York JFK – Brussels Daily 767 (757 in W10)
New York JFK – Dublin Daily 767 (757 in W10)
New York JFK – Prague Daily 767 (5 weeklyin W10)
Salt Lake City – Paris CDG Daily 767 (5 weekly 767 in W10)

On 01JUN11, this site reported DELTA’s capacity and route cuts on selected European routes, which can be found here

Following are other changes for Africa and South America:
Atlanta – Bogota Boeing 737-700 operates during the month of November 2011
Atlanta – Buenos Aires Boeing 767-300 replace -400ER in W10
Atlanta – Lagos Daily 777-200ER (5-6 weekly in W10)
Atlanta – Lima Boeing 767-300 replace -400ER in W10
Atlanta – Rio de Janeiro Boeing 767-300 replace -400ER in W10
Atlanta – San Salvador Airbus A319 operating from 06NOV11 to 15DEC11