SpiceJet NEW Dash8-Q400 Operational Routes

India’s low-cost carrier SpiceJet starting late-September 2011 is introducing NEW Dash8-Q400 Turboprop fleet to its operation, which will be mainly based in Hyderabad. With the arrival of Dash8 aircraft, the airline is launching 11 new destinations, 12 new routes.

New Routes and schedules, listed on its website, as follows:

Bangalore – Vizag/Visakhapatnam eff 21SEP11 (NEW Daily Service)
SG1144 BLR0850 – 1040VTZ DH4 D
SG1077 VTZ1840 – 2040BLR DH4 D

Hyderabad – Bangalore eff 21SEP11 (Increase from 1 to 2 Daily)
SG1043 HYD0655 – 0820BLR DH4 D
SG1045 BLR2100 – 2220HYD DH4 D

Hyderabad – Goa eff 21SEP11 (NEW Daily Service)
SG1071 HYD1230 – 1400GOI DH4 D
SG1072 GOI1420 – 1550HYD DH4 D

Hyderabad – Madurai eff 21SEP11 (NEW Daily Service)
SG1051 HYD1840 – 2040IXM DH4 D
SG1052 IXM2100 – 2300HYD DH4 D

Hyderabad – Tirupati eff 21SEP11 (NEW 13 weekly Service)
SG1041 HYD0640 – 0800TIR DH4 D
SG1021 HYD1500 – 1625TIR DH4 x2

SG1042 TIR0820 – 0940HYD DH4 D
SG1044 TIR1255 – 1420HYD DH4 x2

Hyderabad – Vizag/Visakhapatnam eff 21SEP11 (NEW Daily Service)
SG1073 HYD0955 – 1135VTZ DH4 x2
SG1076 HYD1655 – 1820VTZ DH4 2

SG1075 VTZ1100 – 1225HYD DH4 2
SG1074 VTZ1155 – 1315HYD DH4 x2

SG1073/1074 eff 28SEP11

Tirupati – Vizag/Visakhapatnam eff 21SEP11 (NEW 6 weekly Service)
SG1076 TIR1645 – 1820VTZ DH4 x2
SG1075 VTZ1100 – 1235TIR DH4 x2

Hyderabad – Nagpur eff 28SEP11 (NEW Daily Service)
SG1033 HYD0625 – 0740NAG DH4 D
SG1034 NAG0800 – 0915HYD DH4 D

Hyderabad – Pune eff 28SEP11 (NEW Daily Service)
SG1022 HYD2055 – 2230PNQ DH4 D
SG1025 PNQ2245 – 0015+1HYD DH4 D

Hyderabad – Vijayawada eff 28SEP11 (NEW 2 Daily Service)
SG1001 HYD0710 – 0800VGA DH4 D
SG1003 HYD1610 – 1705VGA DH4 D

SG1002 VGA0820 – 0915HYD DH4 D
SG1004 VGA1725 – 1820HYD DH4 D

Hyderabad – Rajahmundry eff 29SEP11 (NEW Daily Service)
SG1061 HYD1000 – 1105RJA DH4 D
SG1062 RJA1125 – 1230HYD DH4 D

Hyderabad – Mangalore eff 30SEP11 (NEW Daily Service)
SG1023 HYD1300 – 1440IXE DH4 D
SG1024 IXE1500 – 1640HYD DH4 D

Hyderabad – Aurangabad eff 01OCT11 (Increase from 1 to 2 Daily)
SG1046 HYD1540 – 1700IXU DH4 D
SG1047 IXU1720 – 1835HYD DH4 D

Hyderabad – Indore – Bhopal – Hyderabad eff 03OCT11 (NEW 4 weekly)
SG1053 HYD1700 – 1850IDR1910 – 1950BHO2010 – 2205HYD DH4 x246

Hyderabad – Bhopal – Indore – Hyderabad eff 04OCT11 (NEW 3 weekly)
SG1063 HYD1700 – 1850BHO1910 – 1955IDR2015 – 2205HYD DH4 246