Korean Air S12 Operation Changes as of 01FEB12

As per 01FEB12 Amadeus timetable display, Korean Air’s latest Summer 2012 operation changes as follows.

All changes are in effect from 25MAR12, unless otherwise noted. Additional changes remain possible:

Seoul Incheon – Atlanta Service operates 10 weekly with Boeing 777-200ER/-300 operating, replacing Boeing 747-400/777-300ER
KE035/036 Boeing 777-300ER replaces 747-400
KE033/034 Boeing 777-200ER operates 3 weekly. Service changes to -300ER from 01SEP12

Seoul Incheon – Cebu Daily A330-300 service, replaces Boeing 737/A330 mix in S11
Seoul Incheon – Frankfurt Airbus A380 currently scheduled to enter service from 25MAR12, replacing Boeing 777-200ER/-300ER
Seoul Incheon – Las Vegas 3 weekly service to be operated by Airbus A330-200 once again, replacing Boeing 777-200ER. Service operates NONSTOP in both direction
Seoul Incheon – Los Angeles NONSTOP operation to maintain at 17 weekly for entire Summer season. Planned service increase from late-July 2012 to late-August 2012 is Cancelled
KE017/018 Airbus A380 (Unchanged)
KE011/012 Boeing 747-400 replaces 777-300ER (Effective 01FEB12)
KE061/062 Boeing 777-200ER (Unchanged, 3 weekly)

Seoul Incheon – Manila 02APR12 – 19MAY12 Increases from 14 to 18 weekly, additional service operated by Boeing 737-800
Seoul Incheon – New York JFK KE085/086 to be operated by Boeing 777-300ER once again, replacing A380
Seoul Incheon – Seattle Boeing 777-200ER operating once again, replacing A330-200. Operation to continue at 5 weekly level, reduced from Daily in S11
Seoul Incheon – Sydney Planned operational aircraft changes. Peak season service increases from 7 to 10 weekly
KE121/122 Boeing 777-200ER operates Daily, replacing planned 747-400
KE8121/8122 3 weekly (Day 146) A330-300 service operates from 28JUL12 to 24AUG12

Seoul Incheon – Vancouver Boeing 777-200ER continues to operate this route, replacing previously planned 747-400. Service to increase from 5 weekly to Daily from 01JUN12 to 01SEP12
Seoul Gimpo – Osaka Kansai KE2727/2728 operates with Airbus A330-300, replaces A300-600R
Busan – Siem Reap Service operates 4 weekly in Summer season, increases from 2 in S11. Boeing 737-800 replaces -900 from 02JUL12

Previously Reported Changes:
Seoul Incheon – Amsterdam eff 03MAY12 Service to operate nonstop in both direction. 3 weekly service operates with Airbus A330-300, replaces 777-200ER
Seoul Incheon – Bangkok 4 Daily service introduced from 01DEC11 will be maintained in Summer 2012 season
KE651/652 777-300
KE653/654 777-300
KE657/658 737-800
KE659/660 777-200

Seoul Incheon – Chiang Mai eff 25MAR12 Daily 737 service, replaces 2 weekly A330 flights in S11
Seoul Incheon – Da Nang eff 03MAY12 Increases from 2 to 4 weekly, 737-800 operating
Seoul Incheon – Denpasar Summer service in S12 to maintain 11 weekly, with KE633/634 service sees operational aircraft changes
25MAR12 – 30AUG12 333 Day x125
01SEP12 – 25OCT12 772 Day x125

KE629/630 maintains Daily A330-300 service

Seoul Incheon – Guam eff 25MAR12 Service in S12 operates 11 weekly. Aircraft variation for KE113/114, which sees 737-800/-900 operating for the first half of S12, but will later switch to new Boeing 737-900ER
KE111/112 773 Daily
25MAR12 – 31MAY12 73H Day 36 739 Day 47 (KE114 departs GUM the next day)
03JUN12 – 30JUN12 73H Day x125
01JUL12 – 27OCT12 73J Day x125

Seoul Incheon – Hong Kong KE609/610 Operational aircraft changes
25MAR12 – 01JUL12 332/333 Day 13 73H Day x13
02JUL12 – 26AUG12 73H Daily
27AUG12 – 27OCT12 73H Day x6 (Service reduce to 6 weekly)

KE607/608 continues with A380 service on Daily basis
KE603/604, KE619/620 continues with A330-300 service, Each operates Daily

Seoul Incheon – Honolulu 2 Daily 747-400 in Summer 2012, replacing Airbus A330-200/-300 mix in S11
Seoul Incheon – Jakarta eff 25MAR12 Service to operate 10 weekly with mix of 747 and 777
KE627 ICN1545 – 2035CGK 744 D
KE625 ICN1745 – 2255CGK 772 247

KE626 CGK0015 – 0935ICN 772 125
KE628 CGK2205 – 0705+1ICN 744 D

Seoul Incheon – Kota Kinabalu Service to operate from 01JUL12 to 30AUG12 for summer season, 4 times a week
KE673 ICN1830 – 2250BKI 73H x125
KE674 BKI0020 – 0630ICN 73H x236

Day 6 from ICN, Day 7 from BKI begins from 10JUL12

Seoul Incheon – London Gatwick eff 28APR12 NEW 3 weekly Boeing 777-200ER service, see separate post
Seoul Incheon – Madrid eff 01MAY12 Service operates nonstop in both direction. 3 weekly Boeing 777-200ER operating
Seoul Incheon – Moscow Sheremetyevo eff 01JUN12 Peak season frequency increases from 4 weekly (Day x246) to 5 weekly (Day x26)
Seoul Incheon – Nairobi eff 21JUN12 NEW 3 weekly service, Airbus A330-200 operating NONSTOP
Seoul Incheon – Paris CDG Service increase from Daily to 9 weekly
KE901/902 Daily 777-300ER operating, replacing 747-400
KE903/904 2 weekly 747-400

Seoul Incheon – Phuket eff 25MAR12 Summer service increases from Daily to 11 weekly
Seoul Incheon – Prague eff 26MAR12 Boeing 747-400 replaces 777 in S11. Service operates 4 weekly
Seoul Incheon – Siem Reap S12 service operates Daily, increases from 4 weekly in S11. Operational aircraft changes:
25MAR12 – 31MAY12 737-800
01JUN12 – 25OCT12 737-900ER

Seoul Incheon – Singapore Service maintains 2 Daily with following aircraft
KE641/642 777-300ER
KE643/644 777-200ER

Seoul Incheon – Tokyo Narita KE701/702 eff 26MAR12 Day 1 service operates with 777-300ER, replaces -300
Seoul Incheon – Vladivostok
eff 01JUN12 Boeing 737-900ER replaces -800, Daily service
25JUL12 – 24AUG12 Service increases from 1 to 2 Daily, additional service operates with Boeing 737-900

Busan – Hong Kong Operational aircraft change
KE615/616 eff 01JUL12 Boeing 737-800 replaces -900
KE617/618 02JUL12 – 31AUG12 2 weekly service operated by Boeing 737-900

Cheongju – Osaka Kansai Service resumes with 4 weekly 737-800 service