KLM S13 Europe Operation Changes as of 19DEC12

As per 19DEC12 GDS timetable and inventory display, KLM is adding new flights on a number of European routes. Details as follows.

Amsterdam – Athens eff 01JUL13 Service increases from 1 to 2 daily
KL1577 AMS0750 – 1205ATH 73H D
KL1575 AMS1205 – 1620ATH 73J D

KL1578 ATH1305 – 1540AMS 73H D
KL1576 ATH1715 – 1950AMS 73J D

KL1577/1578 from 07SEP13 operates on Day 67 only

Amsterdam – Basel eff 31MAR13 Service increases from 2 to 3 daily
KL1985 AMS0925 – 1050BSL F70 D
KL1987 AMS1620 – 1745BSL F70 D
KL1991 AMS2045 – 2210BSL F70 D

KL1984 BSL0700 – 0835AMS F70 D
KL1986 BSL1125 – 1255AMS F70 D
KL1988 BSL1820 – 1950AMS F70 D

Amsterdam – Budapest eff 28APR13 Service increases from 3 to 4 daily
KL1975 AMS1015 – 1215BUD 737 D
KL1977 AMS1435 – 1635BUD 73W D
KL1973 AMS1650 – 1850BUD 73W x6
KL1979 AMS2050 – 2250BUD 73H D

KL1972 BUD0615 – 0820AMS 73H D
KL1976 BUD1315 – 1520AMS 737 D
KL1978 BUD1725 – 1945AMS 73W D
KL1974 BUD1940 – 2150AMS 73W x6

Amsterdam – Linkoping eff 31MAR13 Service increases from 2 to 3 daily (weekdays service)
KL1181 AMS0930 – 1115LPI F70 x67
KL1179 AMS1445 – 1630LPI F70 D
KL1183 AMS2035 – 2220LPI F70 D

KL1178 LPI0620 – 0805AMS F70 D
KL1182 LPI1150 – 1340AMS F70 x67
KL1180 LPI1705 – 1855AMS F70 D

KL1181/1182 does not operate from 29JUN13 to 01SEP13

Amsterdam – Lyon eff 31MAR13 Service increases from 3 to 4 daily
KL1413 AMS0940 – 1115LYS E90 D
KL1417 AMS1155 – 1330LYS F70 D
KL1415 AMS1520 – 1655LYS E90 D
KL1419 AMS2030 – 2205LYS E90 D

KL1412 LYS0700 – 0840AMS E90 D
KL1414 LYS1155 – 1335AMS E90 D
KL1418 LYS1405 – 1545AMS F70 D
KL1416 LYS1730 – 1910AMS E90 D

Previously reported changes:
Amsterdam – Aalesund NEW 2 daily service (1 on Saturdays) with Fokker 70
Amsterdam – Manston NEW 2 daily service with Fokker 70
Amsterdam – Norwich Service increases from 3 to 4 daily