UNI Air Expands ATR72-600 Service in January 2013

Taiwan’s UNI Air in January 2013 continues to expand new ATR72-600 operation, which mainly operates domestic Taiwan service. Planned operation in January 2013 as follows.

Kaohsiung – Kinmen 1 of 3 daily (NEW Route since 20DEC12)
B7875 KHH1145 – 1240KNH AT7 D
B7874 KNH1015 – 1110KHH AT7 D

Taipei Song Shan – Kinmen 14 of 44 weekly
B78283 TSA0745 – 0855KNH AT7 D
B78297 TSA1815 – 1925KNH AT7 D

B7886 KNH1320 – 1430TSA AT7 D
B78298 KNH1955 – 2105TSA AT7 D

Taipei Song Shan – Makung 1 of 2 daily (NEW Route since 20DEC12)
B7609 TSA1510 – 1605MZG AT7 D
B7610 MZG1645 – 1735TSA AT7 D

Taipei Song Shan – Taitung 28 of 32 weekly
B7851 TSA0710 – 0810TTT AT7 D
B7853 TSA1015 – 1115TTT AT7 D
B7855 TSA1325 – 1425TTT AT7 D
B7857 TSA1635 – 1735TTT AT7 D

B7852 TTT0840 – 0940TSA AT7 D
B7854 TTT1155 – 1255TSA AT7 D
B7856 TTT1500 – 1600TSA AT7 D
B7858 TTT1815 – 1915TSA AT7 D