Garuda Indonesia S13 Domestic Service Expansion

As per 23JAN13 GDS timetable and inventory display as well as OAG Schedules iNet, Garuda Indonesia has outlined planned Summer 2013 Domestic operation changes. However, majority of the new routes/flights are currently not available for reservation, although being displayed in Amadeus timetable listing and the OAG.

Denpasar – Balikpapan eff 18MAY13 NEW 1 daily service
GA528 DPS1130 – 1310BPN 738 D
GA529 BPN1355 – 1535DPS 738 D

Denpasar – Bandung eff 18MAY13 NEW 1 daily service
GA335 DPS1100 – 1140BDO 738 D
GA334 BDO1225 – 1505DPS 738 D

Denpasar – Surabaya eff 19MAY13 Service increases from 4 to 5 daily
GA339 DPS0815 – 0810SUB CRK D
GA338 SUB0850 – 1050DPS CRK D

Denpasar – Timika eff 02JUN13 Service operates as non-stop flight, replacing existing 1-stop via Ujung Padang (Service extends to Jayapura)
GA652 DPS0150 – 0630TIM0730 – 0840DJJ 738 D
GA653 DJJ0925 – 1035DPS1120 – 1345DPS 738 D

Denpasar – Yogyakarta eff 20MAY13 GA251/252 switches from CRJ1000 to Boeing 737-800 (Overall 3 daily 737)
Jakarta – Praya/Lombok eff 18AUG13 Service increases from 2 to 3 daily
GA434 CGK0550 – 0855LOP 738 D
GA435 LOP0940 – 1040CGK 738 D

Medan – Surabaya eff 01AUG13 1 daily (Service reduction from 09AUG13 to 18AUG13 and temporary suspended from 19AUG13 to 20SEP13)
GA985 MES1445 – 1740SUB 744 D
GA984 SUB1600 – 1845MES 744 D

GA984 currently not available for reservation

All NEW routes or flights listed below are currently not available for reservation (CRK = CRJ1000)
Balikpapan – Banjarmasin eff 01AUG13 1 daily
GA686 BPN0705 – 0755BDJ CRK D
GA687 BDJ0835 – 0925BPN CRK D

Balikpapan – Berau eff 01AUG13 1 daily
GA694 BPN1415 – 1515BEJ CRK D
GA695 BEJ1555 – 1650BPN CRK D

Balikpapan – Manado eff 01AUG13 1 daily
GA692 BPN1735 – 1910MDC CRK D
GA693 MDC1950 – 2120BPN CRK D

Balikpapan – Tarakan eff 01AUG13 Service increases from 1 to 2 daily
GA690 BPN1905 – 2010TRK CRK D
GA691 TRK2050 – 2155BPN CRK D

Jakarta – Bengkulu eff 01SEP13 1 daily, 2 daily from 01OCT13
GA278 CGK0935 – 1055BKS 735 D
GA280 CGK1525 – 1645BKS 735 D

GA279 BKS1135 – 1250CGK 735 D
GA281 BKS1725 – 1840CGK 735 D

GA278/279 currently scheduled to enter operation on 01OCT13

Jakarta – Palangkaraya eff 01SEP13 Service increases from 1 to 2 daily
GA552 CGK1020 – 1205PKY CRK D
GA553 PKY1245 – 1420CGK CRK D

Jakarta – Pontianak eff 01SEP13 Planned gradual transition from Boeing 737-500 to CRJ1000. GA500/503 and GA508/511 to change to CRJ1000 from 01SEP13, followed by remainder flights except GA506/509 from 01OCT13 (5 daily CRJ1000 and 1 daily 737). However, GA inventory currently still displays 737-500 operating until 26OCT13

Jakarta – Tanjung Pandan eff 01OCT13 2 daily
GA282 CGK0600 – 0705TJQ 735 D
GA284 CGK1335 – 1440TJQ 735 D

GA283 TJQ0745 – 0850CGK 735 D
GA285 TJQ1520 – 1625CGK 735 D

Jakarta – Tanjung Pinang eff 01SEP13 1 daily, 2 daily from 01OCT13
GA286 CGK0550 – 0725TNJ 735 D
GA288 CGK1710 – 1845TNJ 735 D

GA287 TNJ0805 – 0935CGK 735 D
GA289 TNJ1925 – 2055CGK 735 D

GA288/289 currently scheduled to enter operation on 01OCT13

Medan – Banda Aceh eff 01MAY13 Planned service increase from 2 to 3 daily, 4 daily from 01JUN13
GA274 MES0630 – 0725BTJ CRK D
GA276 MES1640 – 1740BTJ CRK D

GA275 BTJ0805 – 0905MES CRK D
GA277 BTJ1820 – 1920MES CRK D

GA276/277 currently scheduled to enter operation on 01JUN13

Medan – Batam eff 01MAY13 1 daily
GA260 MES0950 – 1110BTH CRK D
GA261 BTH1450 – 1610MES CRK D

Medan – Padang eff 01APR13 1 daily
GA262 MES1405 – 1515PDG CRK D
GA263 PDG1850 – 1955MES CRK D

Medan – Palembang eff 01APR13 1 daily
GA266 MES0600 – 0740PLM CRK D
GA267 PLM0820 – 0955MES CRK D

Medan – Pekanbaru eff 01APR13 1 daily, 2 daily from 01MAY13
GA268 MES1035 – 1140PKU CRK D
GA272 MES1655 – 1800PKU CRK D

GA269 PKU1220 – 1325MES CRK D
GA273 PKU1840 – 1940MES CRK D

GA272/273 currently scheduled to enter operation on 01MAY13

Pekanbaru – Batam eff 01MAY13 1 daily
GA271 PKU1320 – 1410BTH CRK D
GA270 BTH1150 – 1240PKU CRK D

Pekanbaru – Padang eff 01APR13 1 daily
GA265 PKU1720 – 1810PDG CRK D
GA264 PDG1555 – 1640PKU CRK D

Ujung Padang – Mamuju eff 01JUL13 1 daily
GA676 UPG0915 – 1005MJU CRK D
GA677 MJU1045 – 1135UPG CRK D

Ujung Padang – Sorong – Manokwari – Jayapura eff 01JUL13 1 daily
GA688 UPG0500 – 0815SOQ0855 – 0945MKW1025 – 1140DJJ CRK D
GA689 DJJ1220 – 1335MKW1415 – 1505SOQ1545 – 1650UPG CRK D

Ujung Padang – Timika service will be cancelled from 02JUN13