AeroMexico Service Changes on Toluca – Guadalajara from late-Feb 2013

As per 15FEB13 GDS timetable and inventory display, AeroMexico is adjusting planned operation on Toluca – Guadalajara route, when it resumes the service on 25FEB13. The airline will initially operates twice daily service, as 3rd daily service is now scheduled to begin from 08APR13 instead.

AM2621 TLC0700 – 0810GDL E70 D
AM2623 TLC1815 – 1925GDL E90 D
AM2625 TLC2015 – 2125GDL E70 D

AM2620 GDL0715 – 0825TLC E90 D
AM2622 GDL1100 – 1210TLC E70 D
AM2624 GDL2150 – 2300TLC E90 7
AM2624 GDL2150 – 2300TLC E70 x7

AM2623/2622 begins from 08APR13. Above schedule effective 08APR13.