AEROFLOT W13 Long-Haul Operation Changes as of 31MAY13

As per 31MAY13 GDS timetable and inventory display, third major adjustment to AEROFLOT’s Winter 2013/14 long-haul operation, effective 27OCT13), as follow.

Moscow Sheremetyevo – Beijing 29JAN14 – 06FEB14 SU200/201 cancelled during Chinese New Year (PEK departure 30JAN14 – 07FEB14 cancelled)
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Hong Kong 27OCT13 – 22DEC13 Planned Boeing 777-300ER daily operation during this period is cancelled. A330-300 operates this route for entire Winter season
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Phuket 3 weekly Winter seasonal service begins from 27OCT13 instead of 25DEC13. Service operated by A330-300 from 27OCT13 to 22DEC13, 777-300ER from 25DEC13
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Shanghai Pu Dong SU206/207 operates with A330-300 on daily basis, replacing Boeing 767. From 29JAN14 to 06FEB14, this flight is cancelled during Chinese New Year (PVG departure 30JAN14 – 07FEB14 cancelled; Overall 2 Daily A330-300 service)
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Tehran Planned service increases from 4 weekly in W12 to 5 weekly is cancelled. Airbus A319 operates this route, instead of planned A321
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Toronto Service reduced from planned 3 weekly to 2 weekly, Boeing 767-300ER operating (Planned aircraft change to A330-300 from 02MAR14 remains unchanged)
SU114 SVO1130 – 1225YYZ 763 37
SU115 YYZ1400 – 0825+1SVO 763 37

Previously reported changes:
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Beirut Service operates 3 weekly with A319, increases from 2 weekly in W12
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Cairo Service increases from 2 weekly to 4 weekly, A320 operating
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Goa Ilyushin Il96 continues 5 weekly operation, instead of previously planned A330-300
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Guangzhou Airbus A330-300 replaces Boeing 767-300ER. Service operates 5 weekly (increase effective 04SEP13)
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Havana Boeing 767 operates 5 weekly, replacing A330-200 in W12
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Ho Chi Minh Airbus A330-300 replaces previously planned A330-200 (Except 16NOV13 – 16DEC13, operated by 767)
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Los Angeles Winter 2013/14 service operates 6 times a week (Day x2) with A330-200, increases from 5 weekly in W12
Moscow Sheremetyevo – New York JFK SU102/103 Airbus A330-300 operating, replacing previously planned 777-300ER
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Ulan Baatar Boeing 737-800 operating (from 22SEP13) instead of A320. 3 weekly flights in Winter season remains unchanged
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Washington Dulles eff 03MAR14 Airbus A330-300 replaces Boeing 767-300, 2 weekly (In last report on 19APR13, it was stated as eff 03MAR13, which was an error)