Silk Air Boeing 737-800 Preliminary Planned Operations from late-Feb 2014

In GDS timetable listing as of 13SEP13, Singapore Airlines is starting to display planned Boeing 737 operation by Silk Air. Based on timetable listing, SQ-coded flight operated by Silk Air sees first Boeing 737-800 operation takes off on 20FEB14. Preliminary Silk Air Boeing 737 operation as follow.

eff 20FEB14 Singapore – Kuala Lumpur SQ5316/5315 (MI322/321) Day 467
eff 20FEB14 Singapore – Penang SQ5306/5305 (MI352/351) Day 4; SQ5308/5307 (MI354/353) Day x467 (eff 21FEB14); SQ5310/5309 (MI348/347) Day 467 (eff 27FEB14)
eff 21FEB14 Singapore – Phuket Various services
eff 17MAR14 Singapore – Siem Reap – Da Nang – Singapore SQ5024 (MI633) Day 16
eff 18MAR14 Singapore – Da Nang – Siem Reap – Singapore SQ5023 (MI636) Day 23
eff 20MAR14 Singapore – Kochi SQ5368/5367 (MI468/467) Day 47

Note flights listed above are only showing as 737 operating under “SQ” flight number, but MI flight numbers continues to display A319/320, including actual reservation. SQ-coded flights displaying Boeing 737 operation until 29MAR14 inclusive.