Darwin Airline / ETIHAD Regional Unveils Schedules for New Routes in S14

Darwin Airline, soon to be operating as ETIHAD Regional, has unveiled operational schedules and frequencies for its planned new routes in Summer 2014 season. Planned schedule as follow.

eff 30MAR14 Berlin – Poznan 1 daily
F7278 TXL0640 – 0735POZ S20 246
F7278 TXL0935 – 1030POZ S20 x246

F7279 POZ0810 – 0900TXL S20 246
F7279 POZ1100 – 1150TXL S20 x246

eff 30MAR14 Rome – Zagreb 4 weekly
F7196 FCO0820 – 0950ZAG S20 x246
F7197 ZAG1020 – 1200FCO S20 x246

eff 30MAR14 Zurich – Leipzig 1 daily
F7251 ZRH1040 – 1210LEJ S20 D
F7250 LEJ0700 – 0825ZRH S20 D

eff 01APR14 Berlin Tegel – Wroclaw 1 daily
F7288 TXL0650 – 0740WRO S20 x246
F7288 TXL0930 – 1020WRO S20 246

F7289 WRO0810 – 0905TXL S20 x246
F7289 WRO1100 – 1155TXL S20 246

eff 01APR14 Geneva – Toulouse 4 weekly
F7464 GVA1525 – 1640TLS S20 x167
F7465 TLS1730 – 1845GVA S20 x167

eff 01APR14 Rome – Tirana 3 weekly
F7198 FCO0730 – 0905TIA S20 246
F7199 TIA0935 – 1125FCO S20 246

eff 01MAY14 Geneva – Belgrade 3 weekly
F7394 GVA1235 – 1445BEG S20 246
F7395 BEG1515 – 1735GVA S20 246

eff 01MAY14 Geneva – Zurich 2 daily
F7020 GVA0610 – 0700ZRH S20 D
F7022 GVA2005 – 2055ZRH S20 D

F7021 ZRH1115 – 1205GVA S20 D
F7023 ZRH1305 – 1355GVA S20 x67
F7023 ZRH1340 – 1430GVA S20 67

eff 01MAY14 Zurich – Turin 3 weekly
F7498 ZRH0750 – 0840TRN S20 246
F7499 TRN0925 – 1020ZRH S20 246

eff 02MAY14 Zurich – Florence 4 weekly
F7132 ZRH0740 – 0900FLR S20 x246
F7133 FLR0930 – 1045ZRH S20 x246

eff 01JUN14 Geneva – Nantes 4 weekly
F7466 GVA1535 – 1710NTE S20 x246
F7467 NTE1805 – 1930GVA S20 x246

eff 01JUN14 Geneva – Verona 1 daily
F7160 GVA2050 – 2155VRN S20 D
F7161 VRN1245 – 1345GVA S20 D

eff 01JUN14 Zurich – Linz 3 weekly
F7992 ZRH0745 – 0850LNZ S20 367
F7993 LNZ0925 – 1025ZRH S20 367

eff 01JUN14 Zurich – Lyon 1 daily
F7994 ZRH0800 – 0855LYS S20 D
F7995 LYS0925 – 1030ZRH S20 D

eff 01JUN14 Zurich – Verona 1 daily
F7164 ZRH1115 – 1215VRN S20 D
F7165 VRN0630 – 0730ZRH S20 D

eff 02JUN14 Geneva – Bordeaux 4 weekly
F7334 GVA1515 – 1640BOD S20 x357
FY335 BOD1725 – 1855GVA S20 x357

eff 02JUN14 Zurich – Graz 4 weekly
F7990 ZRH0745 – 0855GRZ S20 x367
F7991 GRZ0925 – 1035ZRH S20 x367

eff 03JUN14 Geneva – Marseille 3 weekly
F7468 GVA1455 – 1555MRS S20 246
F7469 MRS1630 – 1735GVA S20 246

Operational frequencies and schedules currently unavailable for following routes:
Dusseldorf – Berlin
Dusseldorf – Cambridge
Dusseldorf – London City

Other service changes (Note further changes, such as retaining existing frequencies, remain highly possible):
eff 30MAR14 Cambridge – Amsterdam Service reduce from 12 to 7 weekly
eff 30MAR14 Cambridge – Milan Malpensa Service cancelled
eff 30MAR14 Leipzig – Amsterdam Service reduce from 12 to 7 weekly
eff 30MAR14 Leipzig – Paris CDG Service reduce from 12 to 7 weekly
eff 30MAR14 Rome – Ancona Service reduce from 3 to 2 daily
eff 01MAY14 Geneva – Florence Service reduce from daily to 4 weekly


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