AerLingus Expands Cork – UK Service in S14

AerLingus in Summer 2014 season is expanding operations from Cork to the UK, which sees flight increase to Manchester, Bristol and new operation to Newcastle, starting 30MAR14.

Cork – Bristol Increase from 7 to 9 weekly
EI3842 ORK1110 – 1230BRS AT7 D
EI3844 ORK1515 – 1635BRS AT7 16

EI3843 BRS1255 – 1415ORK AT7 D
EI3845 BRS1700 – 1820ORK AT7 16

EI3844/3845 operates Day 1 only from 31MAY14 to 05MAY14 and from 07SEP14

Cork – Manchester Increase from 14 to 17 weekly
EI3720 ORK0700 – 0835MAN AT7 D
EI3726 ORK1450 – 1625MAN AT7 457
EI3728 ORK1840 – 2010MAN AT7 236
EI3728 ORK1905 – 2035MAN AT7 x236

EI3721 MAN0905 – 1040ORK AT7 D
EI3727 MAN1655 – 1830ORK AT7 457
EI3729 MAN2035 – 2210ORK AT7 236
EI3729 MAN2100 – 2235ORK AT7 x236

Cork – Newcastle New 4 weekly service
EI3866 ORK1445 – 1630NCL AT7 x236
EI3867 NCL1655 – 1840ORK AT7 x236