flyBe Begins London City Operation from late-October 2014

flyBe from 27OCT14 is launching operations at London City airport, offering service to Belfast, Dublin, Edinburgh, Exeter and Inverness. Dash8-Q400 aircraft will operate these routes. Reservations for these services opened on Wednesday 23APR14.

London City – Belfast Up to 3 daily
BE1352 LCY0845 – 1020BHD DH4 x7
BE1354 LCY1540 – 1715BHD DH4 x6
BE1356 LCY1945 – 2120BHD DH4 x6

BE1351 BHD0645 – 0815LCY DH4 x7
BE1353 BHD1340 – 1510LCY DH4 x6
BE1355 BHD1740 – 1915LCY DH4 x6

London City – Dublin Up to 4 daily
BE1313 LCY0900 – 1030DUB DH4 x7
BE1315 LCY1325 – 1455DUB DH4 x67
BE1317 LCY1720 – 1850DUB DH4 x6
BE1319 LCY2120 – 2250DUB DH4 x6

BE1312 DUB0700 – 0830LCY DH4 x7
BE1314 DUB1125 – 1255LCY DH4 x67
BE1316 DUB1520 – 1650LCY DH4 x6
BE1318 DUB1920 – 2050LCY DH4 x6

London City – Edinburgh Up to 4 daily
BE1332 LCY0905 – 1045EDI DH4 x7
BE1334 LCY1320 – 1500EDI DH4 x67
BE1336 LCY1725 – 1855EDI DH4 x6
BE1338 LCY2120 – 2250EDI DH4 x6

BE1331 EDI0700 – 0830LCY DH4 x7
BE1333 EDI1120 – 1250LCY DH4 x67
BE1335 EDI1525 – 1655LCY DH4 x6
BE1337 EDI1925 – 2050LCY DH4 x6

London City – Exeter Up to 3 daily
BE1302 LCY0830 – 0945EXT DH4 x7
BE1306 LCY1640 – 1755EXT DH4 x6
BE1304 LCY2030 – 2145EXT DH4 x7

BE1301 EXT0640 – 0800LCY DH4 x7
BE1303 EXT1450 – 1610LCY DH4 x6
BE1305 EXT1840 – 2000LCY DH4 x7

London City – Inverness Up to 2 daily
BE1323 LCY0935 – 1125INV DH4 x7
BE1325 LCY1925 – 2115INV DH4 x6

BE1322 INV0715 – 0905LCY DH4 x7
BE1324 INV1705 – 1855LCY DH4 x6