THAI Plans Final A340-600 Scheduled Service in late-March 2015

THAI in the past 3 weeks gradually updated the end of Winter 2014/15 schedule, marking the end of Airbus A340-600 service. Planned last A340-600 operation on individual routes as follow.

27MAR15 Sydney > Bangkok TG476
27MAR15 Hong Kong > Bangkok TG607
28MAR15 Singapore > Bangkok TG414
28MAR15 Zurich > Bangkok TG971 (arrival time 0600LT on 29MAR15)
28MAR15 Frankfurt > Bangkok TG923 (arrival time 1305LT on 29MAR15)

In March 2015, THAI’s A340-600 will also operate Bangkok – Sydney TG475/476 service from 01MAR15 to 14MAR15, in addition to the last service noted above. Note in a series of THAI’s Summer 2015 schedule changes report in late-January 2015, Airline Route noted a number of aircraft changes that will replace A340-600 aircraft, but did not specify the last operational flight for the Airbus aircraft.

Planned A340-600 last scheduled service remain subject to change.

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