KLM S16 Long-Haul Service Changes as of 06OCT15

KLM this week rolled out 2nd major update for planned long-haul service for summer 2016 season, effective 27MAR16. Latest changes as of 06OCT15 as follow.

All changes are in effect from 27MAR16 with certain exceptions. For operational day listing, such as “Day 47/15”, means operational Day 47 from Amsterdam, and Day 15 for inbound departure flight; “Day 5” means service operates on Day 5 for outbound and inbound flight.

Amsterdam – Almaty Airbus A330-300 replaces -200, service operates 4 weekly during summer

Amsterdam – Aruba – Bonaire – Amsterdam eff 04JUL16 Day 1 service operates with A330-200, instead of planned -300 (Overall 2 weekly A330-300 and 1 weekly A330-200)

Amsterdam – Bonaire – Aruba – Amsterdam eff 08JUL16 Day 5 service operates with A330-300, instead of -200 (Overall 2 weekly A330-300)

Amsterdam – Cairo 4 weekly service operates with 777-200ER, instead of planned 787-9

Amsterdam – Calgary 27MAR16 – 02JUL16 Airbus A330-200 replaces 777-200ER, daily service

Amsterdam – Cape Town Northern Summer season gradual increase to daily
01MAY16 – 04JUL16 Increase from 5 to 6 weekly
eff 04JUL16 Increase from 6 to 7 weekly

Boeing 787-9 begins operation on this route on following days
04MAY16 – 01JUL16 Day 35
eff 03JUL16 Daily

Amsterdam – Chengdu Planned 787-9 service, replacing 747-400COMBI, remains unchanged. However 4th weekly service (Day 2/3) is delayed to 05JUL16

Amsterdam – Delhi Boeing 787-9 replaces A330-200, daily service

Amsterdam – Dubai eff 08SEP16 Boeing 787-9 replaces 777-200ER on Day 46/57

Amsterdam – Edmonton 4th weekly service in summer scheduled from 27MAR16, delayed to 05JUL16

Amsterdam – Hangzhou Boeing 787-9 operates on 2 of 3 weekly flights (Day 16/27), replacing 777-200ER

Amsterdam – Havana eff 10JUL16 5th weekly service in summer season operates with A330-300, instead of -200 (Overall 5 weekly A330-300)

Amsterdam – Houston Service operates 7 weekly with 747-400COMBI, reduced from 9 weekly

Amsterdam – Kuala Lumpur – Jakarta Service operates with 5 weekly 777-300ER and 2 weekly -200ER (Previous plan: 6 77W/1 772 from June 2016)

Amsterdam – Lagos Boeing 777-200ER replaces A330-300, daily service

Amsterdam – Lima Daily 777-300ER operation throughout entire Northern summer, replacing 777-200ER/-300ER

Amsterdam – Los Angeles eff 30JUN16 Service increases from 12 to 13 weekly, 747-400/-400COMBI operation

Amsterdam – Mexico City 9 weekly 747-400COMBI service during summer season begins from 27MAR16, instead of 23JUN16. 10th weekly flight will be added from 29JUN16

Amsterdam – Montreal Day 2 service operated by A330-200, replacing planned -300 (Overall 6 weekly A330-300 and 1 weekly -200)

Amsterdam – New York JFK Operational aircraft mainly focused on 747-400COMBI and 777-200ER (747-400 and 777-300ER operation during peak season is cancelled)

Amsterdam – Osaka Kansai Revised operational aircraft includes the addition of 787-9
27MAR16 – 18JUN16 789 Day 357/146 772 Day x357/x146
19JUN16 – 04SEP16 789 Day 357/146 77W Day x357/x146
eff 05SEP16 789 Day x246/x357 77W Day 246/357

Service to Osaka was previously scheduled as daily 777-300ER (77W) flight

Amsterdam – Quito – Guayaquil – Amsterdam Planned 787-9 service cancelled. Service to be operated by 777-200ER/-300ER on daily basis

Amsterdam – Rio de Janeiro Revised Boeing 787-9 operation sees the Dreamliner also operates in April 2016
27MAR16 – 29JUL16 789 Day 246 772 Day 57 (Day 1 from 20JUN16)
30JUL16 – 04SEP16 6 weekly 777-200ER/-300ER and 787-9
eff 05SEP16 6 weekly 787-9

Amsterdam – Sao Paulo Revised Boeing 787-9 operational date as follow: 30JUL16 / 02AUG16 / 04AUG16 / 09AUG16 / 11AUG16 / 18AUG16

Amsterdam – Shanghai Pu Dong
eff 20JUN16 Summer peak season operates 13 weekly, increase from 12. All flights operated by 747-400/-400COMBI. Planned 787-9 and 777-200ER service cancelled

Amsterdam – Taipei Taoyuan – Manila Boeing 777-300ER operation increases to 6 weekly (-200ER 1 weekly). 777-300ER operates daily from 01JUL16

Amsterdam – Tokyo Narita Revision of planned operational aircraft sees 787-9 service from July 2016 being cancelled. Service operates with 747-400COMBI/777-200ER/777-300ER, and switches to 777 only from 03SEP16

Amsterdam – Toronto Revision of planned operational aircraft starting 18JUN16, instead of 03JUL16
18JUN16 – 05SEP16 12 weekly 777-200ER
eff 06SEP16 787-9 operates KL695/696 Day x147, replacing 777-200ER (Day x47 from 26SEP16)

Amsterdam – Vancouver Revision of planned operational aircraft
27AMR16 – 30APR16 A330-300 (Previous plan: 777-200ER)
01MAY16 – 29OCT16 777-200ER

Amsterdam – Washington Dulles Revision of planned operational aircraft
27MAR16 – 03JUL16 Daily A330-300 (Previous plan: April A330-200/777-200ER, May/June 777-200ER)
eff 04JUL16 772 Day x246 333 Day 246 (Previous plan: Daily 777-200ER)

Amsterdam – Xiamen Planned 787-9 replaces 777-200ER remains unchanged for this 3 weekly flights. However, Day 7/1 operates with 777-200ER from 27MAR16 to 25APR16 on temporary basis

In short, revised Boeing 787-9 destination in Northern summer 2016 season includes:
Amsterdam – Abu Dhabi – Bahrain
Amsterdam – Cape Town
Amsterdam – Chengdu
Amsterdam – Delhi
Amsterdam – Dubai
Amsterdam – Hangzhou
Amsterdam – Osaka Kansai
Amsterdam – Rio de Janeiro
Amsterdam – Sao Paulo
Amsterdam – Toronto
Amsterdam – Xiamen

Previously reported changes:
Amsterdam – Bogota – Cali – Amsterdam Service increase from 3 to 4 weekly, 777-200ER service