Emirates S16 Operational Aircraft Changes as of 15DEC15

Emirates yesterday (14DEC15) gradually updated planned operational aircraft changes for summer 2016 season, effective 27MAR16.

Planned operational aircraft changes between 27MAR16 and 29OCT16 as follow. Note this post only covers aircraft adjustment.

Dubai – Ahmedabad eff 01MAY16 EK540/541 Day 257 operates with A340-300, replaces 777-200

Dubai – Algiers eff 02JUN16 Boeing 777-300ER replaces -300, 5 weekly

Dubai – Amman eff 01JUN16 EK901/902 Day x13 operated by 777-300, replacing A330-200

Dubai – Baghdad Aircraft changes on 2 of 4 weekly service (Day 57), replacing A330. First Class is offered on the replacement aircraft
02SEP16 – 30SEP16 77W Day 5 772 Day 7
01OCT16 – 28OCT16 772 Day 57

Dubai – Bahrain
EK835/836 eff 01AUG16 777-300ER replaces A330-200, daily
EK833/834 eff 01SEP16 777-300ER replaces A330-200, daily

Dubai – Bangalore eff 27MAR16 EK568/569 777-300 replaces -300ER, daily

Dubai – Basra eff 01AUG16 EK945/946 777-300ER operates Day 147, replacing A330-200. First Class service is offered

Dubai – Beirut Operational aircraft changes for EK951/952, replacing previously planned 777-200LR/-300ER
27MAR16 – 30JUN16 772 Day x27 77W Day 27
01JUL16 – 29OCT16 77W Daily

Dubai – Colombo eff 01MAY16 EK654/655 777-300ER replaces -300, 6 weekly (All service to/from Colombo operates with 777-300ER)

Dubai – Delhi EK516/517 777-300 operates daily, replacing -200/-300/-300ER

Dubai – Dhaka eff 01MAY16 EK586/587 2-class 777-300ER replaces A330-200 (3 Daily 777-300ER, instead of 2 daily 777 and 1 daily A330)

Dubai – Erbil eff 01OCT16 4 of 5 weekly (Day x345) operates with 3-class 777-300ER, replacing A330-200

Dubai – Houston eff 01JUL16 777-300ER replaces A380, daily

Dubai – Khartoum eff 02JUN16 A340-300 replaces A330-200, 4 weekly

Dubai – Kochi
EK530/531 A330-200 on Day 7 replaced by 777-300ER in Sep, -200LR in Oct
EK532/533 A330-200 on Day 5/6 replaced by 777-300ER in Oct

Dubai – Kolkata Operational aircraft changes
EK570/571 eff 02JUL16 Day 6 operated by 777-300ER, replaces -200 (Daily 777-300ER from 01OCT16)
EK572/573 eff 27MAR16 777-200 operates 6 weekly, replacing 777-200/A330-200 mix

Dubai – Kuala Lumpur 27MAR16 – 30APR16 EK342/343 operates with 3-class A380, replacing 2-class aircraft

Dubai – Lyon eff 01JUL16 777-300ER replaces -200LR, 5 weekly

Dubai – Madinah Previously scheduled A330 operation on Day 17 replaced by A340-300 (Day 1 from 05SEP16) and 777-300 (Day 7 from 27MAR16)

Dubai – Mashad eff 04SEP16 3 of 5 weekly (Day 237) operates with A340-300, replacing A330-200

Dubai – Multan Boeing 777-200 replaced by following aircraft on selected days
Day 1 eff 03OCT16 777-300
Day 2 eff 05JUL16 777-300
Day 3 30MAR16 – 27APR16 777-300ER eff 04MAY16 777-300
Day 6 27MAR16 – 29AUG16 A330-200 30AUG16 – 29OCT16 777-300

Dubai – Mumbai eff 27MAR16 EK508/509 777-200LR replaces -200, daily

Dubai – Nairobi eff 01MAY16 EK721/722 777-300ER replaces -300, daily

Dubai – Rome eff 27MAR16 EK099/100 777-300ER replaces -300, daily

Dubai – Sialkot eff 01JUN16 A340-300 replaces A330-200, daily

Dubai – Singapore eff 27MAR16 EK352/353 777-300ER replaces -300, daily

Dubai – Tehran
EK971/972 27MAR16 – 30JUN16 Day x6 operates with 777-200, replacing -300ER
EK977/978 eff 04JUL16 Day 35 operates with 777-200LR, replaing -300ER (Day 1 with 777-200LR from 03OCT16)
EK979/980 eff 27MAR16 777-300ER operates daily, replacing -300

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