Volotea Outlines A319 March – June 2016 Operations

In the week of 20MAR16’s OAG Schedules Analyser update, Volotea has listed planned Airbus A319 aircraft operation, scheduled to enter operation in summer 2016 season. The A319 operation is also being reflected in the GDS, currently loaded until 30JUN16 inclusive.

As of 21MAR16, Volotea’s planned A319 operational routes in S16 as follow. Operational frequency varies, pending on operational weeks. Note one-off operation is omitted in this list.

eff 27MAR16 Nantes – Figari
eff 28MAR16 Nantes – Montpellier
eff 28MAR16 Nantes – Palma Mallorca
eff 28MAR16 Nantes – Strasbourg
eff 28MAR16 Nantes – Venice
eff 30MAR16 Nantes – Malaga
eff 01APR16 Nantes – Ajaccio
eff 01APR16 Nantes – Bastia
eff 01APR16 Nantes – Olbia
eff 01APR16 Nantes – Palermo
eff 01APR16 Nantes – Prague
eff 02APR16 Caen – Ajaccio
eff 02APR16 Lille – Ajaccio
eff 02APR16 Nantes – Tenerife South
eff 03APR16 Nantes – Las Palmas/Gran Canaria (until 17APR16)
eff 10APR16 Nantes – Split
eff 24APR16 Marseille – Faro
eff 24APR16 Nantes – Faro
eff 11MAY16 Lille – Palma Mallorca
eff 27MAY16 Nantes – Alicante
eff 27MAY16 Nantes – Munich
eff 27MAY16 Nantes – Naples
eff 27MAY16 Nantes – Perpignan
eff 27MAY16 Nantes – Valencia
eff 28MAY16 Nantes – Corfu
eff 28MAY16 Nantes – Dubrovnik
eff 29MAY16 Brest – Ajaccio
eff 29MAy16 Palma Mallorca – Turin
eff 31MAY16 Naples – Thira
eff 02JUN16 Ibiza – Zaragoza
eff 02JUN16 Nantes – Ibiza
eff 03JUN16 Asturias – Alicante
eff 27JUN16 Palma Mallorca – Bari
eff 28JUN16 Nantes – Verona
eff 28JUN16 Palma Mallorca – Pisa
eff 28JUN16 Venice – Palermo
eff 30JUN16 Palma Mallorca – Vigo