Alaska Airlines / Skywest CRJ700 Service Replacements in 2016

Skywest Airlines in 2016 continues fleet transition for flights operating for Alaska Airlines, as it gradually replaces CRJ700 with Embraer E175 aircraft. Based on current updated schedule listing, updated until November 2016*, last Skywest CRJ700 service operating for Alaska Airlines on individual routes (date based on Portland OR / Seattle departure) in 2016 as follow. Additional changes remain highly possible.

03JUN16 Seattle – Oakland
04JUN16 Portland OR – Tucson
04JUN16 Seattle – Boise
04JUN16 Seattle – Omaha to be replaced by Mainline 737-800
27AUG16 Portland OR – Salt Lake City
27AUG16 Seattle – Salt Lake City
27AUG16 Seattle – Vancouver CRJ700 operates between 05JUN16 and 27AUG16
31AUG16 Portland OR – Burbank
31AUG16 Portland OR – Ontario
04OCT16 Portland OR – Bozeman
04OCT16 Portland OR – Santa Barbara
04OCT16 Seattle – Colorado Springs
04OCT16 Seattle – Edmonton
04OCT16 Seattle – Santa Barbara
05NOV16 Portland OR – Fresno
05NOV16 Seattle – Fresno

* Current updated CRJ700 schedule listing is effective until 05NOV16. A number of CRJ700 operation is scheduled between 06NOV16 and 17NOV16, covering routes listed above.