Yemenia drops Marseille; Moroni Airport “Unsafe” in 2000

Yemenia has announced it is suspending all service to Marseille immediately followed by waves of protest by the Comorans.

Per various media report, group of Comorans forced Yemenia to cancel a flight from Marseille on Thursday, and forced travel agents stop selling tickets on Wednesday.

Additional details below, including Emirates’ reason to suspend Comores flight in 2000:

The airline meanwhile is being grilled by authorities and the local communities on why the airline flew Airbus A330 from Paris and Marseille to Sana’a, then switching to older Airbus A310 to Comores, ignoring the fact that the airline schedules Airbus A310 to operate Sana’a – Moroni regularly throughout the year, while Airbus A330 is also operated during peak season. This is an routine planned by the airline, and there were no evidence that the airline intentionally swapped from A330 to A310, which the particular crashed jet being cited “unsafe” to fly.

However, it also appears that the communities ignored the fact that the Moroni Airport didn’t have adequate facilities to start sea search and rescue operation, a major concern should be addressed for the island nation.

Further Reading:

Emirates in 2000 cancelled service to Moroni airport citing airport security issues. But this was believed to be related to political unrest at the time. The ICAO also found there were problems of “regarding the safety of aircraft operations” during 11-day visit in August 2000. In September 2000, there were talks that Sudan Airways to assist and help fill the void of loss of Emirates and Air France departure.

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