Data: Rossiya Airlines Codeshare list

The following is the codeshare list of Rossiya Airlines as of 30JUL07.

Rossiya – SAS

ROUTE FV Codeshare SK Operating
St. Petersburg – Copenhagen FV4737 SK737
Copenhagen – St. Petersburg FV4736 SK736
St. Petersburg – Stockholm FV4733 SK733
Stockholm – St. Petersburg FV4732 SK732

Rossiya – Austrian

ROUTE FV Codeshare OS Operating
St. Petersburg – Vienna FV4612 OS612
Vienna – St. Petersburg FV4611 OS611
Krasnodar – Vienna FV4608 OS608
Vienna – Krasnodar FV4607 OS607

Rossiya – brussels airlines

ROUTE FV Codeshare SN Operating
St. Petersburg – Brussels FV4838 SN2838
Brussels – St. Petersburg FV4837 SN2837

Rossiya – Aerosvit

ROUTE FV Codeshare VV Operating
St. Petersburg – Kiev FV1402 VV402
Kiev – St. Petersburg FV1401 VV401

Rossiya – Norwegian

ROUTE FV Codeshare DY Operating
St. Petersburg – Oslo FV4091 DY1091
Oslo – St. Petersburg FV4090 DY1090

Rossiya – IBERIA

ROUTE FV Codeshare IB Operating
St. Petersburg – Madrid FV4817 IB3817
Madrid – St. Petersburg FV4816 IB3816

Rossiya – Hainan Airlines

ROUTE FV Codeshare HU Operating
St. Petersburg – Beijing FV4966 HU7966
Beijing – St. Petersburg FV4965 HU7965

Rossiya – CSA Czech

ROUTE FV Codeshare OK Operating
St. Petersburg – Prague FV4887 OK887
Prague – St. Petersburg FV4886 OK886

Rossiya – Korean Air

ROUTE FV Codeshare KE Operating
St. Petersburg – Seoul FV4930 KE930
Seoul – St. Petersburg FV4929 KE929

Rossiya – Finnair

ROUTE FV Codeshare AY Operating
St. Petersburg – Helsinki FV4166
Helsinki – St. Petersburg FV4165

Rossiya – LOT Polish

ROUTE FV Codeshare LO Operating
St. Petersburg – Warsaw FV4284 LO684
Warsaw – St. Petersburg FV4283 LO683
Kaliningrad – Warsaw FV4696 LO696
Warsaw – Kaliningrad FV4695 LO695

Rossiya – airBaltic

ROUTE FV Codeshare BT Operating
St. Petersburg – Riga FV4451
Riga – St. Petersburg FV4421
Kaliningrad – Copenhagen FV4262 BT262
Copenhagen – Kaliningrad FV4272 BT272
Kaliningrad – Riga FV4271 BT271
Riga – Kaliningrad FV4272 BT272

Rossiya – AEROFLOT

ROUTE FV Codeshare SU Operating
Moscow SVO – Hamburg FV4125 SU125
Hamburg – Moscow SVO FV4126 SU126
Moscow SVO – Munich FV4121 SU121
Munich – Moscow SVO FV4122 SU122
Moscow SVO – Dusseldorf FV4127 SU127
Dusseldorf – Moscow SVO FV4128 SU128
Moscow SVO – Berlin SXF FV4111 SU111
Berlin SXF – Moscow SVO FV4112 SU112

Rossiya – UT Air

ROUTE FV Codeshare UT Operating
St. Petersburg – Surgut FV1470 UT470
Surgut – St. Petersburg FV1469 UT469

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