KLM S17 Long-Haul changes as of 11OCT16

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines today (11OCT16) made its second major changes to planned summer 2017 operation on long-haul routes, effective from 27MAR17. As of 11OCT16, planned changes as follow (effective date is based on AMS departure).

EDIT as of 1700GMT 11OCT16: Additional changes has been made. For updated information on routes marked with strikethrough line, refer to this post. Changes for other routes remain highly possible.

Amsterdam – Aruba – Bonaire – Amsterdam 3 weekly service operated by the following
27MAR17 – 29MAY17 333 Day 1 332 Day 36
eff 01JUN17 332 Day 136

Amsterdam – Beijing Revised operational aircraft sees the end of Boeing 747 service on this route in 2017, along with 777/787 service entry
27MAR17 – 04JUN17 74E Day 247 (Day 135 from PEK) 772 Day x247 (Day x135)
05JUN17 – 29JUL17 772 Daily
eff 30JUL17  789 Daily (787 previously scheduled to operate this route from 26MAR17)

Amsterdam – Bogota – Cali – Amsterdam eff 28MAR17 Boeing 787-9 replaces 777-200ER, 3 weekly
Amsterdam – Bonaire – Aruba – Amsterdam Operational aircraft changes
KL771 Service increases from 1 to 2 weekly (Day 47) with A330-200/-300 (Overall frequency for Aruba and Bonaire increases from 5 to 6 weekly)
KL773 operates with A330-300 instead of planned -200, 1 weekly

Amsterdam – Calgary Revised operational aircraft, previously planned 1 weekly 777-200ER and 6 weekly 787-9 switching to A330-300 (Day 147) and 787-9 (Day x147)
Amsterdam – Dubai Boeing 787-9 continues operation in S17, replacing 777-200ER on following
01APR17 – 03JUN17 Day 6 (Day 7 from DXB until 04JUN17)
eff 08JUN17 Day 46 (Day 57)

Amsterdam – Edmonton Increase from 4 to 6 weekly with A330-200 (Day x357) and -300 (Day 57)
Amsterdam – Kilimanjaro – Dar es Salaam – Amsterdam eff 07JUN17 Boeing 777-300ER service operates on Day 25, replacing 777-200ER
Amsterdam – Lagos service operates with a mix of A330-200/-300, 7 weekly, instead of planned A330-300/777-200ER
Amsterdam – Los Angeles 13 weekly flights will operate for entire summer 2017 season (previously reported). Boeing 777-200ER will begin operating this route, replacing 747-400COMBI/-400PAX on KL603/604 Day 136 service, from 05JUN17
Amsterdam – Mexico City 05APR17 – 31MAY17 Increase from 9 to 10 weekly, new flight as KL687/688 on Day 3
Amsterdam – Montreal 7 weekly A330-200 service, replacing planned -300
Amsterdam – Osaka Kansai Planned 787-9 only operation has been reverted back to a mix of 777-200ER/787-9, 7 weekly in S17
Amsterdam – Quito – Guayaquil – Amsterdam 7 weekly 777-200ER service, replacing 2 weekly -300ER and 5 weekly -200ER
Amsterdam – Salt Lake City Planned operation in S17 from 26MAR17, 1 day earlier than planned. There will be the addition of 4th weekly flight. Boeing 787-9 (Day 137) will operate this route along with A330-300 (Day 6), replacing A330-200
Amsterdam – San Francisco Addition of 10th weekly flight. Revised operational aircraft changes
KL605/606 28MAR17 – 03JUN17 772 Day 2 77W Day x2 eff 04JUN17 744 Daily
KL607/608 789 Day 357

Amsterdam – Seoul Incheon Planned 787-9 operation from 27MAR17, 3 of 7 weekly, is postponed. This 7 weekly flights will be operated by a mix of 747-400COMBI/-400PAX
Amsterdam – Taipei Taoyuan – Manila Boeing 777-200ER replaces -300ER on following
28MAR17 – 31MAY17 Day 23 from AMS (Day 34 from MNL/TPE)
eff 01JUN17 Day 2 from AMS (Day 3)

Amsterdam – Tehran Imam Khoemini
Addition of 5th weekly flight (Day x27 from AMS, Day x13 from IKA), 777-200ER operation
Amsterdam – Toronto Increase from 11 to 13 weekly from 02JUN17. Service will be operated by a mix of A330-300, Boeing 747-400COMBI and 777-200ER (previous plan: 11 weekly 777-200ER)
Amsterdam – Vancouver eff 03SEP17 Boeing 787-9 replaces 777-200ER, 1 daily

Previously reported changes:
Amsterdam – Abu Dhabi – Muscat Airbus A330-300 replaces 787-9, 1 daily
Amsterdam – Buenos Aires Ezeiza – Santiago de Chile 5th weekly rotation will be maintained on/after 27MAR17
Amsterdam – Curacao 7 weekly 747-400 terminator service continues on/after 27MAR17
Amsterdam – Havana The new 6th and 7th weekly flight to be introduced in W16, will be maintained on/after 27MAR17 with a mix of A330-200/-300
Amsterdam – Minneapolis/St. Paul Previously reported on Airlineroute, KLM has filed 3 weekly A330-200 preliminary schedule from 27MAR17. This remains yet to be confirmed by the airline
Amsterdam – St. Maarten 3 weekly A330-200 terminator service continues on/after 27MAR17