TAP Portugal W16 Morocco service changes

TAP Portugal in winter 2016/17 season is expanding Lisbon – Marrakech operation, starting from 30OCT16. Overall frequency will increase from 7 to 10 weekly. This also includes operation by the Mainline Airbus A319/320 aircraft, subject to Government Approval.

TP1452 LIS0925 – 1105RAK 32S x37
TP1454 LIS1215 – 1355RAK E90 3
TP1454 LIS1215 – 1435RAK AT7 24
TP1454 LIS1420 – 1600RAK AT7 6
TP1454 LIS1540 – 1720RAK E90 7

TP1451 RAK1150 – 1330LIS 32S x37
TP1453 RAK1435 – 1615LIS E90 3
TP1453 RAK1515 – 1725LIS AT7 24
TP1453 RAK1640 – 1820LIS AT7 6
TP1453 RAK1805 – 1945LIS E90 7

For Lisbon – Casablanca route, the airline will continue to serve 14 weekly, however mid-afternoon departure from Lisbon will move to early-afternoon.

TP1442 LIS1255 – 1435CMN AT7 D
TP1446 LIS2150 – 2330CMN AT7 D

TP1447 CMN0600 – 0800LIS AT7 D
TP1443 CMN1515 – 1715LIS AT7 D

During winter season, Lisbon – Tangier route will be reduced from 7 to 4 weekly (Day x246), on board ATR72 aircraft by White Airways.