Swiss S17 Avro RJ100 operations as of 09JAN17

Swiss in recent schedule update adjusted planned Avro RJ100 operations in summer 2017 season, as the airline gradually ending scheduled operation by this aircraft type. Revised update sees Avro RJ100 operation at Zurich operating until mid-August 2017, while Geneva service remains unchanged until late-October 2017.

As of 09JAN17, planned service as follow.

Avro RJ100 to operate regular service on following routes to/from Zurich until:
Zurich – Bari 11AUG17
Zurich – Bilbao 12AUG17 (Except 30APR17 – 19MAY17, No Avro RJ100 service)
Zurich – Birmingham 11AUG17 (Except 25APR17 – 29JUN17)
Zurich – Brindisi 30APR17
Zurich – Brussels 10APR17
Zurich – Budapest 15JUL17 (Except 14APR17 – 06JUN17)
Zurich – Dresden 10AUG17
Zurich – Dusseldorf 13AUG17 (Except 25JUN17 – 15JUL17)
Zurich – Florence 14AUG17
Zurich – Frankfurt 13JUN17
Zurich – Geneva 28APR17
Zurich – Gothenburg 25APR17
Zurich – Graz 28APR17
Zurich – Hanover 11AUG17 (Except 29APR17 – 14JUN17)
Zurich – Hamburg 05AUG17 / 12AUG17 only
Zurich – Krakow 10AUG17 (Except 13JUN17 – 19JUL17)
Zurich – Leipzig 23JUN17
Zurich – London City 14AUG17, set to be SWISS’ last Avro RJ100 service at Zurich
Zurich – Milan Malpensa 14AUG17
Zurich – Munich
Zurich – Naples 13JUN17
Zurich – Nice 02JUL17 / 09JUL17 only
Zurich – Oslo 14MAY17 only
Zurich – Prague 14MAY17 (Except 11APR17 – 13MAY17)
Zurich – Sofia 10JUN17
Zurich – Venice 29JUL17 (Except 15JUN17 – 21JUL17)
Zurich – Warsaw 03APR17
Zurich – Zagreb 09JUL17 (Except 01MAY17 – 01JUL17)

AVRO RJ100 scheduled for following routes to/from Geneva in S17:
Geneva – Biarritz 2 weekly 22JUN17 – 03SEP17
Geneva – Brussels 1 weekly 01JUL17 – 26AUG17, 07OCT17 – 28OCT17; Set to be SWISS’ overall last Avro RJ100 service
Geneva – Calvi 1 weekly 24JUN17 – 02SEP17
Geneva – Corfu
1 weekly 27JUN17 – 29AUG17
Geneva – Florence Multiple weekly frequencies until 26OCT17
Geneva – Palma Mallorca 1 weekly 28JUN17 – 30AUG17