Doha flight updates as of 0000GMT 06JUN17

Due to recent diplomatic tensions in the Middle East, selected Middle Eastern and North African carriers gradually announced cancellation for flights to/from Doha, effective from 06JUN17.  OneWorld member Qatar Airways also announced planned service cancellation as a result.

As of 0000GMT 06JUN17, the updated information is as follows. Flight frequency is based on data as of week of 04JUN17’s OAG Schedules Analyser, for July – Oct 2017 schedule. The situation remains fluid therefore additional adjustment is expected.

* Air Arabia
All Sharjah – Doha flights cancelled until further notice. G9 operates up to 3 daily flights to Doha

* Air Cairo
All Doha flights cancelled until further notice. SM opeates 1 weekly from Sharm el Sheikh, up to 4 weekly from Borg el Arab/Alexandria, 1 weekly from Sohag

* Egypt Air
All Cairo – Doha flights cancelled until further notice. MS operates up to 16 weekly flights to Doha

* Emirates
All Dubai – Doha flights cancelled until further notice. EK operates up to 7 daily flights to Doha

* Etihad Airways
All Abu Dhabi – Doha flights cancelled at least until 30JUN17. EY operates up to 5 daily flights to Doha

* Flydubai
All Dubai – Doha flights cancelled until further notice. FZ operates 1 daily from Dubai al Maktoum (DWC) and up to 7 daily from Dubai International (DXB)

* Gulf Air
All Bahrain – Doha flights cancelled at least until 30JUN17. GF operates 5-6 daily flights to Doha

* Qatar Airways
All flights to UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Egypt cancelled until further notice. At time this post goes to press, QR service to these countries remain available for bookings on/after 15JUN17 (update as of 1415GMT 07JUN17) including:

Doha – Abha 2 daily
Doha – Abu Dhabi 6 daily
Doha – Bahrain 7 daily
Doha – Borg el Arab/Alexandria 10 weekly
Doha – Cairo 17 weekly
Doha – Dammam 5 daily
Doha – Dubai al Maktoum (DWC) 4 daily
Doha – Dubai International (DXB) 17 daily
Doha – Gassim 2 daily
Doha – Hofuf 5 weekly
Doha – Jeddah 4 daily
Doha – Luxor 7 weekly
Doha – Madinah 3 daily
Doha – Ras al Khaimah 4 weekly
Doha – Riyadh 24 weekly
Doha – Sharjah 2 daily
Doha – Taif 1 daily
Doha – Yanbu 4 weekly

* Saudia
All flights to Doha cancelled at least until 15AUG17. SV operates up to 10 weekly from Jeddah, 1 daily from Riyadh.

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