Hong Kong Airlines A350 Sep/Oct 2017 Regional update as of 05SEP17

Hong Kong Airlines in last week’s schedule update made additional revision to its planned A350 operating routes in Sep/Oct 2017. Based on latest update, planned 1 daily A350 service on Hong Kong – Shanghai Hongqiao between 01OCT17 and 28OCT17, is cancelled. Additionally, Bangkok A350 service between 15SEP17 and 28SEP17 is also cancelled, replaced by A330.

Updated regional service between 10SEP17 and 28OCT17 as follow.

Hong Kong – Bangkok
10SEP17 – 13SEP17 HX771/772 Day 137
11SEP17 – 12SEP17 HX765/766
14SEP17 HX775/776
29SEP17 – 06OCT17 HX769/780 Day x6
07OCT17 – 28OCT17 HX769/780

Hong Kong – Taipei Taoyuan
15SEP17 – 28OCT17 HX252/253, HX282/283