Qatar Airways W17 service changes as of 08OCT17

Qatar Airways in recent schedule updates filed additional changes for winter 2017/18 season, effective from 29OCT17, including new service to St. Petersburg in Russia. Planned changes as of 08OCT17 as follow.

Doha – Brussels 29OCT17 – 15FEB18 A350-900XWB replaces 787-8, 8 weekly. Previously planned 777-300ER service on QR195/196, will be operating on selected dates only
Doha – Chiang Mai eff 12DEC17 Planned new service will now commence on this date, instead of 07DEC17. The 4 weekly flights will be operated by A330-200, instead of 787-8
Doha – Entebbe – Kigali – Doha eff 29OCT17 Triangle service replacing Doha – Entebbe – Kigali routing. A330-200 continues to operate both destinations on daily basis, replacing previously planned 787-8
Doha – Helsinki
eff 01DEC17 A330-300 replaces 787-8, 1 daily (previously scheduled from 29OCT17)
eff 14DEC17 Increase from 1 to 2 daily, new flight operated by A320
QR307 DOH1600 – 2145HEL 320 D
QR308 HEL2255 – 0615+1DOH 320 D

Doha – Prague eff 14DEC17 Increase from 1 to 2 daily, A320 service. Current 3 weekly overnight departure and 4 weekly morning departure from Doha will each increase to 7 weekly
Doha – St. Petersburg eff 19DEC17 NEW 1 daily A320 service
QR279 DOH0730 – 1350LED 320 x357
QR281 DOH1555 – 2210LED 320 357

QR280 LED1725 – 2330DOH 320 x357
QR282 LED2315 – 0520+1DOH 320 357

Doha – Warsaw eff 14DEC17 Increase from 1 to 2 daily new flight operated by A320
QR261 DOH1600 – 2000WAW 320 D
QR262 WAW2115 – 0450+1DOH 320 D

Previously reported changes:
Doha – Adana eff 06NOV17 NEW 3 weekly A320 service
Doha – Adelaide
eff 02DEC17 Increase from 5 to 7 weekly, A350-900XWB service
Doha – Algiers eff 29OCT17 A330-200 (-300 on selected dates) continues 1 daily service, replacing A340-600
Doha – Ahmedabad A320 replaces A321 during following period: 08DEC17 – 11JAN18, 01FEB18 – 15FEB18
Doha – Atlanta eff 29OCT17 777-300ER operates daily for entire winter season, replacing -200LR
Doha – Bangkok 01JAN18 – 24MAR18 1 of 6 daily QR832/837 operated by A340-600, replacing 777-300ER
Doha – Berlin Tegel eff 01NOV17 777-300ER service, introduced from 01SEP17, is maintained on/after this date. 1 daily
Doha – Boston 01NOV17 – 30NOV17 787-8 service, replacing A350, to be introduced from 01OCT17, is maintained during this period, 1 daily
Doha – Dallas/Ft. Worth 01NOV17 – 30NOV17 A350 service, replacing 777-300ER, to be introduced from 01OCT17, is maintained during this period, 1 daily
Doha – Frankfurt 08DEC17 – 15FEB18 QR069/070 777-300ER replaces A350 on selected dates
Doha – Geneva A350 continues operation on/after 29OCT17 (Selected dates operated by 787-8)
Doha – Hanoi eff 01JAN18 NEW 1 daily 777-300ER service
Doha – Ho Chi Minh City eff 01JAN18 Increase from 7 to 10 weekly, A330-200 service
Doha – Krabi eff 01DEC17 Increase from 4 to 7 weekly, A330-200 service
Doha – London Heathrow 29OCT17 – 15DEC17 QR001/002 777-300ER service is being extended until 15DEC17, replacing A350
Doha – Madrid eff 16FEB18 QR149/150 A350-900XWB replaces 777-300ER
Doha – Mahe Island (Seychelles) eff 29OCT17 A330-200 replaces A320, 1 daily
Doha – Male eff 09DEC17 QR672/673 A350-900XWB replaces A330-200/-300
Doha – Manila eff 30OCT17 Increase from 14 to 17 weekly
Doha – Miami 08DEC17 – 15FEB18 777-300ER replaces A350-900XWB
Doha – Moscow Domodedovo eff 29OCT17 QR233/234 continues to be operated by A321, replacing A320
Doha – Nairobi eff 29OCT17 787-8 continues operating 1 of 3 daily flight
Doha – Nice eff 29OCT17 Airbus A319LR replaces 787-8, 5 weekly
Doha – Sarajevo eff 31OCT17 NEW 4 weekly A320 service
Doha – Sydney – Canberra eff 12FEB18 NEW 1 daily 777-300ER service. Overall service to Sydney increases from 1 to 2 daily
Doha – Windhoek eff 29OCT17 A330 continues to operate 5 weekly, replacing previously filed 4 weekly 787-8