Qatar Airways S18 service changes as of 23DEC17

Qatar Airways earlier this week filed additional changes to its summer 2018 operation, effective from 25MAR18. Latest adjustment as of 23DEC17 as follow.

Doha – Algiers eff 25MAR18 A330-300 replaces A340-600, 1 daily
Doha – Basra eff 25MAR18 QR446/447 A319 replaces previously planned A320 (Overall 1 daily each A319/320)
Doha – Belgrade eff 25MAR18 A321 replaces A320, 1 daily
Doha – Berlin Tegel eff 25MAR18 777-300ER continues to operate 1 daily, replacing previously filed A330-200/-300
Doha – Brussels eff 25MAR18 777-300ER replaces previously planned A350-900XWB, 1 daily
Doha – Bucharest eff 25MAR18 A321 continues to operate 2 daily, replacing previously filed 1 daily each A319/320
Doha – Budapest QR199/200 operational aircraft changes, A320 replaced by following:
25MAR18 – 31JUL18 A321
01AUG18 – 27OCT18 A330-200 (Selected dates by -300 in Oct 2018)

Doha – Delhi eff 25MAR18 QR578/579 A350-900XWB replaces 787-8 (QR570/571 also sees A350 operation 4 weekly in April/October, 1 weekly May – September 2018)
Doha – Denpasar eff 25MAR18 QR960/961 777-300ER replaces A330-300 (Overall 2 daily 777 and 1 daily 787)
Doha – Edinburgh eff 01JUL18 A350-900XWB replaces 787-8 (Currently DOH departure shows 3 weekly 350, EDI shows 7 weekly 350)
Doha – Frankfurt eff 25MAR18 777-300ER continues to operate 2 daily, replacing previously filed A350 (A350-900XWB operates QR067/068 from 01OCT18)
Doha – Ho Chi Minh City eff 25MAR18 A330-300 operates 1 daily, replacing previously filed -200
Doha – Hong Kong 25MAR18 – 30APR18 QR816/815 777-300ER replaces 787-8
Doha – Johannesburg eff 25MAR18 QR1359/1360 777-300ER replaces 787-8, 3 weekly (Overall 14 weekly 777-300ER)
Doha – Johannesburg – Durban eff 26MAR18 777-300ER replaces 787-8, 4 weekly
Doha – Kolkata A330-200 replaces 787-8 on selected dates in April 2018
Doha – Lahore eff 02APR18 A350-900XWB operates minimum once a week
Doha – Munich eff 25MAR18 777-300ER operates 2 daily, replacing previously filed A350-900XWB
Doha – Phuket Operational aircraft changes:
QR840/841 A330-200 replaced by
25MAR18 – 31JUL18 mix of A330-200/787-8
01AUG18 – 31AUG18 mix of 787-8/A350-900XWB
01SEP18 – 27OCT18 787-8

QR842/843 777-300ER replaced by
25MAR18 – 30JUN18 787-8
01JUL18 – 27OCT18 A350-900XWB

Doha – Stockholm Arlanda eff 01JUN18 QR167/168, QR169/170 A350-900XWB replaces 787-8 (Overall 1 daily each 787 and A350)
Doha – Tokyo Narita eff 25MAR18 777-300ER replaces -200LR, 1 daily
Doha – Tunis eff 25MAR18 A330-300 replaces A320, 1 daily (Previous plan: A330-200/-300)
Doha – Vienna 787-8 continues to operate 12 weekly (Previous plan: 7 weekly A350 and 5 weekly 787)

Previously reported changes:
Doha – Atlanta eff 25MAR18 777-300ER to operate on daily basis, instead of -200LR (The -300ER occasionally operates this route on selected dates)
Doha – Bangkok eff 25MAR18 QR826 continues operating with 787-8 (Inbound flight from BKK currently not listed)
Doha – Cardiff eff 01MAY18 NEW 1 daily 787-8 service
Doha – Moscow Domodedovo eff 25MAR18 3rd daily service maintained. Following flights/dates to be operated by 777-300ER for World Cup:
QR233/234 08JUN18 / 12JUN18 / 16JUL18 / 17JUL18
QR223/224 16JUL18 / 17JUL18

Doha – Nairobi
eff 25MAR18 QR1335/1336 operated by 4 weekly A330-200 and 3 weekly -300, replacing A320 (Overall 3 daily flights)
Doha – Perth eff 01MAY18 A380 replaces 777-300ER, 1 daily
Doha – Thessaloniki
eff 27MAR18 NEW 4 weekly A320 service
Doha – Yangon eff 19APR18 3 weekly terminator service (Overall service to Yangon increases from 5 to 7 weekly from 25MAR18)
Doha – Yangon – Chiang Mai – Doha eff 19APR18 4 weekly A319LR service, subject to government approval. Summer operation to Chiang Mai replaces terminator 4 weekly A330-200 service

On separate note, the airline earlier this year filed planned Doha – Las Vegas service from late-June 2018, however this has been removed around the 3rd quarter of 2017.