Qatar Airways S18 service changes as of 08MAR18

Qatar Airways on Thursday (08MAR18) filed additional changes to its summer 2018 operation. Latest adjustment as follow.

Doha – Athens eff 01JUL18 1 of 3 daily QR203/204 operated by 777-300ER, replacing A330
Doha – Denpasar eff 25MAR18 Further capacity increase, all 3 daily operated by 777-300ER, instead of previously scheduled 2 daily 777 and 1 daily 787 (787 operates 1 of 3 daily QR964/965 01MAY18 – 30JUN18 from DOH)
Doha – Frankfurt eff 01MAY18 QR067/068 A350-900XWB replaces 777-300ER, previously scheduled from 01OCT18
Doha – Munich 2 daily service continues to see LATAM Airlines Brasil A350-900XWB operating. Selected dates operated by Qatar A350

Previously reported changes:
Doha – Algiers eff 25MAR18 A330-200/-300 replaces A340-600, 1 daily
Doha – Antalya
13JUN18 – 30SEP18 2 weekly A320, new seasonal route
Doha – Atlanta eff 25MAR18 A350-900XWB replaces 777-300ER, 1 daily
Doha – Bangkok
eff 25MAR18 Increase from 5 to 6 daily, QR980/981 operated by 787-8 (777-300ER from 26MAR18)
Doha – Barcelona Operational aircraft changes, following aircraft replaces previously filed A350-900XWB
QR137/138 787-8 continues operating 3 weekly, service increases to 7 weekly from 01JUL18. 777-300ER replaces 787-8 from 03JUL18 to 01SEP18
QR141/142 787-8 continues operating 4 weekly
QR145/146 A340-600 continues operating 1 daily, replaced by 777-300ER from 01SEP18 (777 also scheduled on 01JUL18 and 02JUL18)

Doha – Basra eff 25MAR18 QR446/447 A319 replaces previously planned A320 (Overall 1 daily each A319/320)
Doha – Belgrade eff 25MAR18 A321 replaces A320, 1 daily
Doha – Berlin Tegel eff 25MAR18 777-300ER continues to operate 1 daily, replacing previously filed A330-200/-300
Doha – Bodrum 12JUN18 – 28SEP18 2 weekly A320, new seasonal route
Doha – Brussels eff 25MAR18 777-300ER replaces previously planned A350-900XWB, 1 daily
Doha – Bucharest eff 25MAR18 A321 continues to operate 2 daily, replacing previously filed 1 daily each A319/320
Doha – Budapest QR199/200 operational aircraft changes, A320 replaced by following:
25MAR18 – 31JUL18 A321
01AUG18 – 27OCT18 A330-200 (Selected dates by -300 in Oct 2018)

Doha – Cardiff eff 01MAY18 New route, 1 daily 787-8 service
Doha – Casablanca 15JUN18 – 30SEP18 777-300ER replaces 787-8, 2 weekly
Doha – Casablanca – Marrakech – Doha 13JUN18 – 29SEP18 777-300ER replaces 787-8, 5 weekly
Doha – Copenhagen A350-900XWB to replace 787-8 on following service:
eff 01AUG18 QR163/164 (1 daily)
eff 01SEP18 QR161/162 (3 weekly), QR159/160 (4 weekly)

Doha – Denpasar eff 25MAR18 QR960/961 777-300ER replaces A330-300 (Overall 2 daily 777 and 1 daily 787)
Doha – Edinburgh eff 01JUL18 A350-900XWB replaces 787-8, 1 daily
Doha – Frankfurt eff 25MAR18 777-300ER continues to operate 2 daily, replacing previously filed A350 (A350-900XWB operates QR067/068 from 01OCT18)
Doha – Geneva eff 25MAR18 A350-900XWB continues to operate 1 daily, instead of previously filed 3 weekly 787 and 4 weekly A350 from 25MAR18 to 30JUN18
Doha – Guangzhou eff 02OCT18 777-300ER operates on Day 2 (Day 3 from CAN), replacing A380
Doha – Hanoi 1 daily nonstop service commenced on 01JAN18, is available for booking on/after 25MAR18 from this week, Boeing 787-8 operating
Doha – Hatay eff 04APR18 New route, 3 weekly A320 service
Doha – Ho Chi Minh City
eff 25MAR18 A330-300 operates 1 daily, replacing previously filed -200
eff 01JUN18 Increase from 7 to 10 weekly, QR972/973 operated by 787-8
eff 01JUL18 Increase from 10 to 14 weekly

Doha – Hong Kong eff 25MAR18 777-300ER replaces 787-8, 2 daily
Doha – Johannesburg eff 25MAR18 QR1359/1360 777-300ER replaces 787-8, 3 weekly (Overall 14 weekly 777-300ER)
Doha – Johannesburg – Durban eff 26MAR18 777-300ER replaces 787-8, 4 weekly
Doha – Kolkata A330-200 replaces 787-8 on selected dates in April 2018
Doha – Kuala Lumpur
30APR18 – 30MAY18 QR844/845 A350-900XWB operating, replacing A340-600
eff 01JUL18 Increase from 21 to 24 weekly

Doha – Lahore
eff 02APR18 A350-900XWB operates minimum once a week
Doha – London Gatwick
eff 22MAY18 Service resumption since May 2011, 2 daily Boeing 787-8. Service increases to 16 weekly (QR331/332 2 weekly) from 15JUN18 to 29SEP18
Doha – Madrid Operational aircraft changes
QR147/148 787-8 continues operating 3 weekly, replaced by 777-300ER from 01JUL18
QR149/150 Planned A350-900XWB service remains unchanged, 1 daily
QR151/152 Planned A350-900XWB service remains unchanged, 4 weekly. 7 weekly from 01JUL18

Doha – Malaga
04JUN18 – 30SEP18 4 weekly Boeing 787-8, new route. Subject to Government Approval
Doha – Miami
eff 25MAR18 A350-900XWB continues operating 1 daily, replacing previously filed 777-300ER
Doha – Milan Malpensa
QR117/118 4 weekly A330 (787-8 from 01SEP18)
QR127/128 eff 01JUL18 777-300ER replaces A330, 1 daily
eff 02JUL18 Increase from 3 to 7 weekly. Overall service to MXP increases from 14 to 18 weekly
eff 02JUL18 4 of 7 weekly operated by 777-300ER, replacing A330. 7 weekly 777-300ER from 02SEP18

Doha – Moscow Domodedovo eff 25MAR18 3rd daily service maintained. Following flights/dates to be operated by 777-300ER for World Cup:
QR233/234 08JUN18 / 12JUN18 / 16JUL18 / 17JUL18
QR223/224 16JUL18 / 17JUL18

Doha – Muscat
eff 01JUL18 Increase from 5 to 6 daily
Doha – Mykonos
30MAY18 – 30SEP18 4 weekly A320, new seasonal route
Doha – Nairobi
eff 25MAR18 QR1335/1336 operated by A330-200/-300, replacing A320 (Overall 3 daily flights)
Doha – Paris CDG 02MAY18 – 30SEP18 QR041/042 Day x23 operated by A380, replacing 777-300ER. Overall A380 service increase from 7 to 12 weekly
Doha – Penang
eff 01JUL18 Increase from 3 to 4 weekly, 787-8 operating
Doha – Perth
eff 01MAY18 A380 replaces 777-300ER, 1 daily
Doha – Phuket Operational aircraft changes:
QR840/841 eff 25MAR18 787-8 operates daily, replacing mix of A330-200/787-8 (A350-900XWB operates on selected dates in August 2018)
QR842/843 777-300ER replaced by
25MAR18 – 30JUN18 787-8
01JUL18 – 27OCT18 A350-900XWB

Doha – Rome eff 25MAR18 Increase from 14 to 16 weekly, 20 weekly from 02JUL18
Doha – Shiraz eff 25MAR18 A330 continues to operate 4 weekly flights
Doha – Stockholm Arlanda eff 01JUN18 787-8 continues to operate 2 daily. Planned 1 of 2 daily operated by A350-900XWB is cancelled Doha – Thessaloniki eff 27MAR18 NEW 4 weekly A320 service
Doha – Tokyo Narita eff 25MAR18 777-300ER replaces -200LR, 1 daily
Doha – Tunis eff 25MAR18 A330-300 replaces A320, 1 daily (Previous plan: A330-200/-300)
Doha – Venice eff 25MAR18 A330-300 continues to operate majority of summer season on daily basis, replacing -200
Doha – Vienna eff 01JUN18 7 of 12 weekly operated by A350-900XWB, replacing 787-8
Doha – Windhoek eff 25MAR18 787-8 continues to operate 5 weekly. Increase from 5 to 7 weekly from 01JUL18 to 31AUG18
Doha – Yangon eff 19APR18 3 weekly terminator service (Overall service to Yangon increases from 5 to 7 weekly from 25MAR18)
Doha – Yangon – Chiang Mai – Doha eff 19APR18 4 weekly A319LR service, subject to government approval. Summer operation to Chiang Mai replaces terminator 4 weekly A330-200 service