Alsie Express schedules limited-time Stockholm – Visby flights in July 2018

Alsie Express in the first week of July 2018 is operating Stockholm Arlanda – Visby service, where the airline scheduled a total of 5 round-trip flights. Service will be operated by Lician Aer Saab 340 aircraft.

6I305 ARN0800 – 0845VBY SF3 01JUL18
6I313 ARN1010 – 1055VBY SF3 01JUL18
6I329 ARN1330 – 1415VBY SF3 01JUL18
6I301 ARN0635 – 0715VBY SF3 02JUL18
6I309 ARN0845 – 0930VBY SF3 02JUL18

6I306 VBY0905 – 0950ARN SF3 01JUL18
6I314 VBY1115 – 1200ARN SF3 01JUL18
6I330 VBY1435 – 1520ARN SF3 01JUL18
6I302 VBY0735 – 0820ARN SF3 02JUL18
6I310 VBY0950 – 1035ARN SF3 02JUL18