Loganair expands Aberdeen network from Sep 2019

Loganair in May 2019 announced expanded network at Aberdeen, where it plans to offer service to Newcastle and Norwich. Planned operation as follows.

Aberdeen – Newcastle eff 01SEP19 15 weekly
LM002 ABZ0820 – 0910NCL ER3 x567
LM006 ABZ1600 – 1650NCL ER3 x67
LM008 ABZ1645 – 1735NCL ER4 7
LM008 ABZ1920 – 2010NCL ER3 x67

LM001 NCL0700 – 0750ABZ ER3 x567
LM005 NCL1440 – 1530ABZ ER3 x67
LM007 NCL1800 – 1850ABZ ER3 x67
LM007 NCL1815 – 1905ABZ ER4 7

Aberdeen – Norwich eff 01SEP19 15 weekly
LM012 ABZ0840 – 0955NWI ER4 x567
LM016 ABZ1600 – 1715NWI ER4 x67
LM018 ABZ1935 – 2050NWI ER4 x6

LM011 NWI0655 – 0810ABZ ER4 x567
LM013 NWI1130 – 1245ABZ ER4 x67
LM017 NWI1500 – 1615ABZ ER4 7
LM017 NWI1745 – 1900ABZ ER4 x67