Delta further expands A220 network as of 07JUL19

Delta Air Lines in this past week’s schedule update filed additional routes to be operated by Airbus A220-100 aircraft, while selected markets sees A220 service entry date revision.

As of 07JUL19, planned A220-100 new routes from mid-August 2019 as follows.

New York JFK – Houston eff 27OCT19 (New route for the airline in winter 2019/20 season, 2 daily)
Seattle – Denver eff 09OCT19 (listed until 05JAN20; previously scheduled from 01OCT19)
Seattle – Fairbanks eff 09OCT19 (previously scheduled from 01OCT19)
Seattle – Kansas City eff 02MAR20
Seattle – Milwaukee eff 02MAR20

Previously reported routes to be served by A220:
Detroit – Austin eff 21DEC19 (listed until 05JAN20)
New York JFK – Fort Myers eff 21DEC19 (listed until 04JAN20)
New York JFK – Tampa eff 21DEC19 (listed until 04JAN20)
New York JFK – West Palm Beach eff 21DEC19 (listed until 04JAN20)
New York LaGuardia – Fort Myers eff 31AUG19 (listed until 23NOV19)
New York LaGuardia – New Orleans eff 31AUG19 (listed until 14DEC19)
Salt Lake City – Atlanta eff 21DEC19
Salt Lake City – Las Vegas eff 21DEC19 (listed until 04JAN20)
Salt Lake City – New York JFK eff 21DEC19
Salt Lake City – Orange County eff 02SEP19
Salt Lake City – San Francisco eff 31AUG19
Salt Lake City – Seattle eff 21DEC19
Seattle – Portland OR eff 21DEC19 (listed until 04JAN20)
Seattle – San Francisco eff 13AUG19