Singapore Airlines Group S20 network adjustment as of 21AUG19

Singapore Airlines Group carriers Silk Air and Scoot recently updated summer 2020 schedules, reflecting last year’s announcement on network integrations. As of 21AUG19, planned changes as follows.

Silk Air to transfer following routes to Scoot, as flights operating under MI-coded flight numbers to be discontinued between May and July 2020:
Singapore – Balikpapan Schedule listed until 29JUN20
Singapore – Lombok Schedule listed until 13JUL20
Singapore – Makassar Schedule listed until 15JUN20
Singapore – Manado Schedule listed until 04MAY20
Singapore – Semarang Schedule listed until 01JUN20
Singapore – Yogyakarta Schedule listed until 19MAY20

Scoot to transfer following route to Singapore Airlines, as flights operating under TR-coded flight numbers to be discontinued:
Singapore – Chennai Schedule listed until 24MAY20 (This route is currently served by both SIA and Scoot)

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