FlyArystan expands Nur-Sultan operations from Oct 2019

Kazakhstan’s low-cost carrier FlyArystan in the last few days expanded operation at Nur-Sultan, with the launch of 4 routes. Planned operation as follows.

Nur-Sultan – Pavlodar eff 04OCT19 1 daily A320
KC7311 TSE1135 – 1235PWQ 320 D
KC7312 PQS1305 – 1410TSE 320 D

Nur-Sultan – Semey eff 04OCT19 1 daily A320
KC7351 TSE1955 – 2110PLX 320 D
KC7352 PLX2140 – 2300TSE 320 D

Nur-Sultan – Shymkent eff 03OCT19 1 daily A320
KC7327 TSE1455 – 1645CIT 320 x56
KC7327 TSE1510 – 1700CIT 320 56

KC7328 CIT1715 – 1910TSE 320 x56
KC7328 CIT1730 – 1920TSE 320 56

Nur-Sultan – Taraz eff 03OCT19 1 daily A320
KC7323 TSE0640 – 0835DMB 320 D
KC7324 DMB0905 – 1055TSE 320 D

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