Air Moldova S20 revised operation as of 03JUN20

Air Moldova last week filed revised summer operation, as the airline tentatively scheduled to resume operation from July 2020. Subject to various restrictions and market conditions, planned operation as of 03JUN20 listed below remains likely to change.

Chisinau – Barcelona eff 01JUL20 2 weekly
Chisinau – Berlin Schoenefeld eff 07JUL20 3 weekly (2 weekly from 18SEP20)
Chisinau – Bologna eff 02JUL20 3 weekly
Chisinau – Dublin eff 02JUL20 5 weekly (1 daily 03JUL20 – 04OCT20)
Chisinau – Frankfurt eff 01JUL20 4 weekly
Chisinau – Istanbul eff 01JUL20 1 daily
Chisinau – Krasnodar eff 04JUL20 3 weekly (2 weekly from 28SEP20)
Chisinau – Larnaca eff 03JUL20 2 weekly (1 weekly from 06OCT20)
Chisinau – Lisbon eff 03JUL20 2 weekly
Chisinau – London Stansted eff 01JUL20 5 weekly (6 weekly 27JUL20 – 04OCT20)
Chisinau – Milan Malpensa eff 01JUL20 3 weekly (2 weekly from 01OCT20)
Chisinau – Moscow Domodedovo eff 01JUL20 4 daily (3 daily from 15SEP20)
Chisinau – Nice eff 03JUL20 2 weekly
Chisinau – Paris Beauvais eff 02JUL20 4 weekly (3 weekly from 15SEP20)
Chisinau – Rome eff 01JUL20 3 weekly (2 weekly from 03OCT20)
Chisinau – St. Petersburg eff 01JUL20 8 weekly (5-6 weekly from 29SEP20)
Chisinau – Tel Aviv eff 01JUL20 6 weekly
Chisinau – Thessaloniki eff 02JUL20 2 weekly
Chisinau – Verona eff 02JUL20 4 weekly (2 weekly from 04OCT20)
Chisinau – Venice eff 01JUL20 3 weekly (2 weekly from 01OCT20)

Airbus A321 aircraft is scheduled to operate Moscow Domodedovo only, up to 2 daily.

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