Edelweiss Air Aug - Oct 2020 Intercontinental network as of 02AUG20

Edelweiss Air in recent schedule update filed changes to its Intercontinental operation, between 01AUG20 and 24OCT20. As of 02AUG20, planned operation as follows. Various travel restrictions continue to impact the airline’s planned operation, including planned service resumption date.

Zurich – Buenos Aires Ezeiza eff 04OCT20 1 weekly A340-300
Zurich – Cancun
eff 28SEP20 2 weekly A340-300
Zurich – Cape Town
eff 21SEP20 3 weekly A340-300
Zurich – Djerba
1 weekly A320 (3 weekly A320/330 from 26SEP20)
Zurich – Havana eff 01OCT20 1 weekly A340-300
Zurich – Hurghada 4 weekly A320/330 (7 weekly A320/330/340 from 20SEP20)
Zurich – Las Vegas eff 04SEP20 1 weekly A340-300 (2 weekly from 28SEP20)
Zurich – Mahe Island eff 26SEP20 1 weekly A340-300
Zurich – Male eff 23SEP20 2 weekly A340-300 (3 weekly from 01OCT20)
Zurich – Marrakech
eff 11SEP20 2 weekly A320 (3 weekly from 30SEP20)
Zurich – Mauritius eff 04SEP20 1 weekly A340-300 (3 weekly from 27SEP20)
Zurich – Orlando eff 02OCT20 1 weekly A330-300
Zurich – Punta Cana 1 weekly A330-300 (3 weekly from 01OCT20)
Zurich – Rio de Janeiro Galeao eff 01OCT20 1 weekly A340-300
Zurich – San Jose (Costa Rica) eff 15OCT20 1 weekly
Zurich – Tampa eff 20SEP20 1 weekly A330-300 (A340-300 on 20SEP20 only, 2 weekly A330-300 from 07OCT20)