Virgin Atlantic to expand Delta Trans-Atlantic codeshare in 2020/21

Virgin Atlantic between September 2020 and April 2021 plans to expand additional Trans-Atlantic codeshare routes, operated by Delta. Initially, VS-coded flight numbers will be placed on following Delta flights on 08/09SEP20 (routes marked with * commences on 01OCT20)

Virgin Atlantic operated by DELTA
New York JFK – Barcelona
* New York JFK – Brussels
* New York JFK – Dublin
New York JFK – Madrid
New York JFK – Rome

Further codeshare expansion will take place in March and April 2021, as Delta recently revised planned Trans-Atlantic operations for the next 12 months. Following codeshare routes to begin in March 2021 (routes marked with * begins on 30APR21):

Virgin Atlantic operated by DELTA
* Atlanta – Barcelona
* Atlanta – Madrid
Atlanta – Rome
* Atlanta – Stuttgart
Boston – Dublin
* Detroit – Frankfurt
New York JFK – Athens
New York JFK – Lisbon
* New York JFK – Reykjavik Keflavik
* New York JFK – Venice