FlyArmenia files provisional network from Dec 2020 including Los Angeles

FlyArmenia has outlined initial operations in the OAG, suggesting the airline may commence operation as early as December 2020, with Boeing 737 aircraft. Provisional operation includes the following.

Yerevan – Damascus eff 07DEC20 2 weekly
Yerevan – Kaliningrad eff 11DEC20 1 weekly
Yerevan – Marseille eff 09DEC20 2 weekly
Yerevan – Moscow Vnukovo eff 06DEC20 2 weekly
Yerevan – Novosibirsk eff 11DEC20 1 weekly
Yerevan – Prague eff 09DEC20 2 weekly
Yerevan – Rostov eff 08DEC20 2 weekly
Yerevan – St. Petersburg eff 06DEC20 2 weekly

Separately, the airline has also listed Yerevan – Los Angeles schedule in the OAG, effective from 12DEC20, although the listing appears to be fictitious. The schedule listing shows one weekly flight with aircraft code “AB3”, Airbus A300. On the airline’s website, Los Angeles is being displayed as travel option, but not appearing in the airline’s timetable listing on its website.

VF1121 EVN1200 – 1345LAX AB3 6
VF1122 LAX1530 – 1745+1EVN AB3 6

The airline’s website also lists following routes, but not displayed in the OAG:
Yerevan – Krasnodar
Yerevan – Sochi
Yerevan – Tel Aviv

Reservation on the airline’s website is not available, due to current travel restrictions.