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What news should you be uploading to your Routes 360 profile?

What news should you be uploading to your Routes 360 profile?

Sharing your company updates and successes on your Routes 360 profile can be extremely beneficial to your strategy.

 A simple upload can expose your most important content to your target audience, stimulating further interest and conversations.

As a Routes 360 member, you can upload news to your company profile and, once you have clicked publish, Routes work to ensure the article reaches high impressions and readership amongst the aviation industry. News is guaranteed to feature on multiple touchpoints on routesonline, including the homepage, latest news, member news, and of course your company profile. Going further, member news is also featured in the Airports and Networks digest which is delivered daily to over 28,000 aviation professionals.

With over 145,000 views on Routes 360-member articles and news sections of profiles in 2023, it’s an unmissable opportunity to stay relevant and front of mind year-round. Most news you can share on your profile may have already been written for another purpose, such as your corporate website, but here we outline some tips and news topics that have received the highest attraction.

Staying relevant

Routes 360 members include seasoned network planning individuals and organisations who use the platform to promote their airport, destination, products, brand, unserved or underserved routes. It is therefore important to share information that both supports your objectives and is relevant to your target audience. If you know which topics your target organisations are interested in, this can help decipher which information you need to push out the most. Ask yourself these questions prior to uploading an article:

  • What information will the target individuals I would like to engage with want to hear?
  • What is your goal for the content? (For example, to educate, promote, or inform)
  • What call to action can I add to initiate further conversation?

Impact of news

Peaks in profile views can be correlated against news announcements. Utilising the news year-round can have great impact on your profile views, especially when competition to cut through other member content is low. 

Most popular articles

Having reviewed our top news articles over the past year, there are a range of topics which have come out on top. Outlined in the list below are those which gained the most attraction with examples from our Routes 360 members:

As we’ve covered, publishing relevant news articles is a great way to increase viewership to your profile. It is worth noting that whilst the article might bring potential partners to your page, it could also lead them to reviewing other information within your profile. Therefore, we highly recommend updating your profile content to ensure that visitors are receiving the most relevant information.   

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