Korean Air W11 Operation Changes: Update 6 as of 19AUG11

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As per 19AUG11 GDS timetable display, Korean Air has further loaded additional changes to its Winter 2011/12 Operation, which focuses on Asia service.

The new update includes new Cheongju – Taipei service, as well as service increase for Busan – Hong Kong route.

Details below.

Busan – Hong Kong Increase from Daily to 10 weekly
KE615 PUS0925 – 1210HKG 73H D
KE617 PUS2200 – 0045+1HKG 739 357

KE618 HKG0200 – 0610PUS 739 146
KE616 HKG1310 – 1720PUS 73H D

KE615/616 currently operates red-eye hours on Daily basis

Cheongju – Bangkok Winter seasonal service resumes from 30OCT11, operating 4 weekly (Previously mentioned on this site)
KE669 CJJ2035 – 0040+1BKK 73H x236
KE670 BKK0140 – 0855CJJ 73H x347

Cheongju – Hangzhou Service operates until 29OCT11, 3 weekly. Winter service not available for the moment
KE811 CJJ1810 – 1915HGH 73H 246
KE812 HGH2020 – 2325CJJ 73H 246

Cheongju – Hong Kong Service Remains Cancelled
Cheongju – Osaka Kansai Service Remains Cancelled
Cheongju – Taipei NEW 3 weekly service eff 30OCT11. Reservation is now open
KE2697 CJJ1000 – 1135TPE 73H 246
KE2698 TPE1235 – 1550CJJ 73H 246

Seoul Incheon – Beijing KE855/856 4 weekly service operates with 777-300, replace planned 737-800
Seoul Incheon – Oita Service Resumes from 30DEC11, 2 weekly
KE791 ICN1515 – 1645OIT 73H 57
KE792 OIT1745 – 1925ICN 73H 57

Previously mentioned changes:
Seoul Incheon – Akita 3 weekly service Boeing 737-800 replace -900
Seoul Incheon – Aomori Service resumes with 3 weekly Boeing 737-800 (4 weekly in W10)
Seoul Incheon – Atlanta Revised aircraft changes
KE035/036 eff 01DEC11 Boeing 777-300ER replace 747-400, Daily
KE033/034 eff 01DEC11 Boeing 747-400 replace 777-200ER, 3 weekly

Seoul Incheon – Auckland
30OCT11 – 24MAR12 Daily KE129/130 service Boeing 747-400 replace 777-200ER
12DEC11 – 31JAN12 Increase from Daily to 10 weekly (Previously reported on this site on 25JUL11)

Seoul Incheon – Bangkok eff 01DEC11 Planned service Increase from 2 to 3 Daily, has now changed to 4 Daily, with new morning departure from ICN
KE657 ICN0815 – 1215BKK 73H D 01DEC11-
KE651 ICN1725 – 2110BKK 773 D
KE653 ICN1905 – 2255BKK 773 D
KE659 ICN2010 – 2359BKK 333 D 01DEC11-

KE654 BKK0015 – 0725ICN 773 D
KE660 BKK0145 – 0855ICN 333 D 02DEC11-
KE658 BKK1535 – 2255ICN 73H D 01DEC11-
KE652 BKK2245 – 0550+1ICN 773 D

Seoul Incheon – Brisbane Airbus A330-300 replace -200. Additional frequency variation
30OCT11 – 28NOV11 Day x27 from ICN, Day x13 from BNE
29NOV11 – 24MAR12 Day x2 from ICN, Day x3 from BNE

KE123 ICN1935 – 0620+1BNE 333 x2
KE124 BNE0820 – 1735ICN 333 x3

Overall service to maintain 6 weekly, same as NW10. Previous display that shows reduction to 4 weekly is now shelved

Seoul Incheon – Cebu eff 01DEC11 Boeing 737-900ER replace -900 on Day 246
Seoul Incheon – Chicago Service maintains at 10 weekly (KE037/038 Daily 777-300ER, KE039/040 3 weekly 747-400)
Seoul Incheon – Dallas/Ft. Worth Service maintains at 5 weekly Boeing 777-200ER
Seoul Incheon – Denpasar eff 01JAN12 Increase from 11 to 14 weekly
KE629 ICN1700 – 2310DPS 333 x67
KE633 ICN1830 – 0040+1DPS 333 D
KE647 ICN2005 – 0215+1DPS 333 67

KE630 DPS0030 – 0825ICN 333 x17
KE634 DPS0200 – 0955ICN 333 D
KE648 DPS0335 – 1130ICN 333 17

Seoul Incheon – Dubai 5th weekly flight maintained in Winter 2011/12 season
Seoul Incheon – Fukuoka KE781/782 Boeing 777-300ER operating, replace Boeing 777-300/Airbus A330
Seoul Incheon – Frankfurt eff 01DEC11 Airbus A380 replace Boeing 777-300ER (See separate post)
Seoul Incheon – Guam Planned service increase from Daily to 11 weekly is CANCELED, however this is partly compensated by Boeing 747-400 operating on Daily basis eff 30OCT11

Seoul Incheon – Hakodate eff 27DEC11 Service Resumption with 3 weekly Boeing 737-800, replace -900 prior to cancellation
Seoul Incheon – Hanoi Daily Airbus A330-200 operating, replacing mix of A330-200/-300/Boeing 737
Seoul Incheon – Hong Kong Aircraft changes
KE603/604 744
KE607/608 388
KE609/610 73H, 3 weekly only (Previously planned Daily)
KE619/620 30OCT11 – 01DEC11 333 02DEC11 – 31DEC11 77W 01JAN12 – 24MAR12 744

Seoul Incheon – Honolulu
KE051/052 01JAN12 – 31JAN12 Boeing 747-400 replace A330-300
KE053/054 Boeing 747-400 replace A330-300

Seoul Incheon – Jakarta
01NOV11 – 28NOV11 KE627/628 Day 357 Airbus A330-300 replace Boeing 777-200ER
29NOV11 – 31DEC11 Increase from 7 to 10 weekly, new flights operated by Boeing 737-900ER (This was supposed to be in effect from 22NOV11)
KE627 ICN1525 – 2030CGK 772 D
KE625 ICN1710 – 2220CGK 73J 256

KE628 CGK2155 – 0645+1ICN 772 D
KE626 CGK2345 – 0845+1ICN 73J 256

Seoul Incheon – Kota Kinabalu Operational period revised to 17NOV11 – 27FEB12 with 2 weekly Boeing 737-800
KE673 ICN1820 – 2250BKI 73H 47
KE674 BKI0020 – 0620ICN 73H 15

Seoul Incheon – Kuala Lumpur Capacity Increase on selected period on Daily service
30OCT11 – 31DEC11 Boeing 747-400
01JAN12 – 24MAR12 Boeing 777-300ER

Seoul Incheon – Las Vegas Re-introduction of NONSTOP service in BOTH Direction with Boeing 777-200ER, replace existing 1-stop via Los Angeles on inbound flight with A330-200. Korean Air last operated nonstop service in both direction until August 2008
KE005 ICN2205 – 1550LAS 772 135
KE006 LAS2340 – 0500+2ICN 772 135

Seoul Incheon – Los Angeles Aircraft changes on selected flight. Overall NONSTOP flight kept at 24 weekly
KE011/012 Boeing 777-300ER
KE015/016 Boeing 777-200ER
KE017/018 Airbus A380
KE061/062 Boeing 777-200ER (Service extends to Sao Paulo, 3 weekly)

Seoul Incheon – Manila Increase from 14 to 18 weekly, further increase to 21 weekly from 01DEC11. New Flight operates with Boeing 737-900ER
KE621 ICN0800 – 1055MNL 773 D
KE649 ICN1915 – 2220MNL 73J D
KE623 ICN2000 – 2305MNL 773 D

KE624 MNL0030 – 0505ICN 773 D
KE622 MNL1215 – 1700ICN 773 D
KE650 MNL2345 – 0435+1ICN 73J D

KE649/650 increase to Daily from 01DEC11

Seoul Incheon – Moscow Sheremetyevo Winter service Increase from 3 weekly in W10 to 4 weekly in W11
Seoul Incheon – Nagoya KE757/758 eff 01JAN12 Boeing 747-400 replace Airbus A330-300/Boeing 737-800 mix
Seoul Incheon – Phuket Airbus A330-300 replace planned Boeing 777-300ER service
Seoul Incheon – Prague 4th weekly service is kept in Winter 2011/12 season, increase from 3 in W10
KE935 ICN1410 – 1730PRG 772 x247
KE936 PRG1915 – 1315+1ICN 772 x247

Seoul Incheon – Sapporo Winter 2011/12 service operates 1 Daily each of Airbus A330-300 and Boeing 737-800 (W10 was 10 weekly Airbus A330-200/-300)
Seoul Incheon – Seattle Reduce from Daily to 5 weekly. Airbus A330-200 replace Boeing 777-200ER
Seoul Incheon – Singapore Service to maintain 14 weekly. Planned Boeing 777-300ER service canceled
KE641/642 Daily Boeing 777-300
KE643/644 Daily Boeing 777-200ER (Day 6 between 10DEC11 and 28JAN12 operates with Airbus A330-300)

Seoul Incheon – Shizuoka Service returns to Daily level, increase from current 3 weekly. Boeing 737-900 operating (replaced by -800 from 01FEB12)

Seoul Incheon – Sydney
30OCT11 – 24MAR12 Daily KE121/122 service Boeing 747-400 replace 777-200ER (originally planned from Jan 2012)
12DEC11 – 30JAN12 Increase from Daily to 10 weekly (Previously reported on this site on 25JUL11)

Seoul Incheon – Taipei Taoyuan Aircraft Changes
KE691/692 30OCT11 – 31JAN12 Airbus A330-200 replace A330-300, Daily
KE693/694 01FEB12 – 24MAR12 Boeing 737-800 replace -900, 2 weekly

Seoul Incheon – Tel Aviv 3 weekly service Boeing 777-200ER replace Airbus A330-200
Seoul Incheon – Tokyo Haneda Airbus A330-200 replace Boeing 737-800 on Day 47 from ICN, Day 15 from HND
Seoul Incheon – Tokyo Narita A380 operating 3 times a week in November 2011
KE001/002 Daily A330-200
KE701/702 Daily Boeing 777-300
KE703/704 773 Day x1 744 Day 1
KE705/706 30OCT11 – 30NOV11 Airbus A380 operates Day 357 instead of Boeing 747-400

Seoul Incheon – Toronto Previously mentioned on this site, service reduce from Daily to 5 weekly (Day x37)
Seoul Incheon – Vancouver 30OCT11 – 26NOV11/30JAN12 – 24MAR12 Reduce from Daily to 5 weekly (Day x47)
Seoul Incheon – Washington Dulles Service maintains Daily 777-300ER service
Busan – Osaka Kansai eff 01FEB12 Increase from 1 to 2 Daily, KE731/732 Boeing 737-900 replace Airbus A330-300
KE731 PUS0900 – 1020KIX 739 D 01FEB12-
KE731 PUS1050 – 1210KIX 333 D -31JAN12
KE733 PUS1630 – 1750KIX 739 D 01FEB12-

KE732 KIX1120 – 1250PUS 739 D 01FEB12-
KE732 KIX1245 – 1415PUS 333 D -31JAN12
KE760 KIX1850 – 2020PUS 739 D 01FEB12-

Daegu – Bangkok eff 01DEC11 2 weekly Boeing 737-800 service
KE2677 TAE1950 – 0005+1BKK 73H 47
KE2678 BKK0125 – 0825TAE 73H 15

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