WestJet Reveals New Routes and Encore Operation in S13

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2nd Update at 1800GMT 11FEB13 (Additional new route added)

As per 11FEB13 GDS timetable and inventory display, WestJet reveals planned new routes as well as operational routes for its regional turboprop unit “ENCORE”. Reservations for these new routes opened since Sunday 10FEB13 (Pacific Time) and announced on Monday morning.

NEW WESTJET Mainline Routes
Calgary – Dallas/Ft. Worth eff 29APR13 NEW 1 daily service
WS1554 YYC1025 – 1458DFW 73W D
WS1555 DFW1545 – 1829YYC 73W D

Toronto – Fort McMurray eff 16JUN13 NEW 3 weekly service (Not included in previous update)
WS309 YYZ2145 – 2344YMM 73W 147
WS308 YMM0100 – 0635YYZ 73W 125

Toronto – Myrtle Beach eff 02MAY13 NEW 2 weekly service
WS1154 YYZ0930 – 1135MYR 73W 47
WS1155 MYR1220 – 1414YYZ 73W 47

WestJet Encore
WestJet Encore begins operation from 24JUN13, and will be further expanded from 15AUG13, with a fleet of 78-seater Dash8-Q400 aircraft.

Calgary – Edmonton eff 15AUG13 1 of 7 daily service replace Mainline operation
WS3252 YYC1220 – 1311YEG DH4 D
WS3253 YEG1715 – 1803YYC DH4 D

From 15SEP13, overall service increases from 7 to 9 daily, with 4 of 9 daily operated by Encore
WS3250 YYC0600 – 0651YEG DH4 D
WS3252 YYC1220 – 1311YEG DH4 D
WS3268 YYC1450 – 1541YEG DH4 D
WS3291 YYC1745 – 1836YEG DH4 D

WS3251 YEG1050 – 1138YYC DH4 D
WS3273 YEG1615 – 1703YYC DH4 D
WS3253 YEG1715 – 1803YYC DH4 D
WS3292 YEG2245 – 2333YYC DH4 D

Calgary – Fort St. John eff 24JUN13 NEW WestJet service
WS3101 YYC1600 – 1639YXJ DH4 D
WS3100 YXJ1030 – 1300YYC DH4 D

Calgary – Grande Prairie eff 15AUG13 NEW 1 daily nonstop service
WS3248 YYC2030 – 2154YQU DH4 D
WS3249 YQU0600 – 0717YYC DH4 D (eff 16AUG13)

Calgary – Nanaimo eff 24JUN13 NEW WestJet service
WS3109 YYC1100 – 1143YCD DH4 D
WS3108 YCD1230 – 1457YYC DH4 D

Schedule varies after 15SEP13

Calgary – Regina eff 15AUG13 1 of 4 daily service replace Mainline operation
WS3296 YYC0815 – 0943YQR DH4 D
WS3289 YQR1015 – 1148YYC DH4 D

Calgary – Saskatoon eff 24JUN13 Overall service increases from 4 to 5 daily
WS3241 YYC1650 – 1805YXE DH4 D
WS3246 YXE1835 – 1953YYC DH4 D

Edmonton – Grande Prairie eff 15AUG13 1 of 2 daily service replace Mainline operation
WS3252 YEG1345 – 1451YQU DH4 D
WS3253 YQU1530 – 1632YEG DH4 D

Vancouver – Fort St. John eff 24JUN13 NEW WestJet service
WS3102 YVR0815 – 0959YXJ DH4 D (eff 25JUN13)
WS3103 YXJ1710 – 1855YVR DH4 D

Vancouver – Victoria eff 24JUN13 NEW WestJet service
WS3103 YVR1925 – 1955YYJ DH4 D
WS3102 YYJ0715 – 0744YVR DH4 D (eff 25JUN13)

Schedules and reservations for new routes listed above are currently loaded in its system and website until 26OCT13. Other service expansions will be reported on 12FEB13.

Original update filed at 0210GMT 11FEB13.

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