Aegean Airlines S14 New Routes Update as of 28JAN14

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Aegean Airlines has further revised planned new routes for Summer 2014 season. Latest revision sees revised launch date as well as cancellations.

eff 30APR14 Irakleion – Kiev Zhulyany Revised operational schedule sees increase from originally planned 2 weekly to 3 weekly, instead of 5 weekly. Service operates until 12OCT14
A3958 HER1440 – 1740IEV 320 1
A3964 HER1830 – 2130IEV 320 36

A3959 IEV1850 – 2130HER 320 1
A3965 IEV2220 – 0110+1HER 320 36

eff 09JUN14 Kalamata – Dniepropetrovsk 1 weekly (Newly added route)
A3956 KLX0900 – 1130DNK 320 1
A3957 DNK1215 – 1500KLX 320 1

Previously planned new routes are now cancelled:
Irakleion – Dniepropetrovsk Planned 1 weekly from 06MAY14 to 30SEP14
Irakeleion – Donetsk Planned 2 weekly from 02MAY14 to 29SEP14
Irakleion – Kharkov Planned 2 weekly 02MAY14 to 30SEP14
Irakleion – Prague Planned 2 weekly from 24MAY14 to 01OCT14
Irakleion – Rhodes – Prague Planned 1 weekly from 30MAY14 to 27SEP14
Kalamata – Dusseldorf Planned 2 weekly from 28MAY14 (Edit as of 03MAR14: Service begins from 03MAR14, instead of planned 28MAY14)

Revised launch dates:
eff 10APR14 Athens – Marseille 2 weekly (Previously scheduled from 12APR14)
eff 11APR14 Irakleion – Vienna 2 weekly (Service operates until 12OCT14; Previously scheduled from 04MAY14)
eff 12APR14 Athens – Nantes 1 weekly (Previously scheduled from 05APR14)
eff 15APR14 Rhodes – Larnaca 2 weekly (Previously scheduled from 22MAY14)
eff 15APR14 Rhodes – Paris CDG 2 weekly (Service operates until 24OCT14; Previously scheduled from 18APR14 to 17OCT14)
eff 24MAY14 Thessaloniki – Rostov 2 weekly (Operating until 11OCT14; Previously scheduled from 21MAY14)
eff 28MAY14 Athens – Abu Dhabi 4 weekly (Previously scheduled from 31MAR14)
eff 30MAY14 Kalamata – Paris CDG 1 weekly (2 weekly from 08JUL14; Operating until 03OCT14; Previously scheduled from 27MAY14)
eff 31MAY14 Corfu – Munich 1 weekly (Previously scheduled from 24MAY14)
eff 01JUN14 Corfu – Dusseldorf 1 weekly (Previously scheduled from 25MAY14)
eff 01JUN14 Corfu – Frankfurt 1 weekly (Previously scheduled from 22MAY14)

Previously reported new/resumed routes:
eff 01APR14 Athens – Paphos 2 weekly (5 weekly during Peak season)
eff 12APR14 Irakleion – Berlin Tegel 1 weekly (2 weekly from 28MAY14)
eff 13APR14 Irakleion – Marseille 1 weekly (2 weekly from 22MAY14; Service operates until 09OCT14)
eff 14APR14 Irakleion – Bordeaux 1 weekly
eff 17APR14 Irakleion – Larnaca 2 weekly (Operating until 05OCT14)
eff 25APR14 Thessaloniki – Kiev Zhulyany 1 weekly (2 weekly from 28MAY14)
eff 02MAY14 Rhodes – Kiev Zhulyany 2 weekly (Operating until 13OCT14)
eff 19MAY14 Athens – Cairo 3 weekly (service resumption)
eff 22MAY14 Athens – Copenhagen 3 weekly
eff 27MAY14 Athens – Hamburg 3 weekly
eff 28MAY14 Irakleion – Zurich 2 weekly
eff 29MAY14 Irakleion – Hamburg 2 weekly
eff 29MAY14 Rhodes – Dusseldorf 2 weekly
eff 29MAY14 Rhodes – Munich 2 weekly
eff 30MAY14 Rhodes – Frankfurt 2 weekly (Operating until 20OCT14)
eff 31MAY14 Athens – Stockholm 2 weekly
eff 31MAY14 Rhodes – Zurich 1 weekly
eff 01JUN14 Irakleion – Lyon 2 weekly (Operating until 28SEP14)
eff 02JUN14 Thessaloniki – Brussels 2 weekly
eff 03JUN14 Thessaloniki – Cologne 2 weekly
eff 04JUN14 Athens – Zurich 4 weekly
eff 05JUN14 Thessaloniki – Berlin Tegel 2 weekly
eff 06JUN14 Athens – Beirut 3 weekly
eff 10JUN14 Athens – Birmingham 2 weekly (1 weekly from 20SEP14)
eff 02JUL14 Thessaloniki – Kefallinia 2 weekly (until 10SEP14)

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