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Introduction to Oslo Airport

Oslo, the "new capital of cool" has become an all-year favourite among travellers.

Avinor’s hyper-connected Norwegian network of 44 airports provides efficient travel for about 50 million passengers annually (54 million in 2019), half of whom travel to and from Oslo Airport.

Oslo: the new star in Scandinavia

Oslo is Norway’s fast-growing cultural, governmental and economic centre. More and more tourists come for the Oslo experience, while new attractions will open their doors in 2021/2022 to take the capital even further. On top of that, Norway’s business centre is the seat of...

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Latest Oslo Airport News

Continued high air activity


A total of 4 639 625 passengers travelled to, from, or via Avinor's airports in June 2022, an increase of 11 per cent from May. Simultaneously,...

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