World Routes 2021

The 26th World Route Development Forum

Milan, Italy • 10 – 12 October 2021 |
Virtual • 18 – 20 October 2021

Milano Beyond Fashion

Design, sport, business, events: discover what Milano has to offer beyond fashion.


Design 300x200

There are many reasons that make Milan a great reference point for creatives. The city can proudly boast academies of style and experimentation. Very often the best designers and stylists work here in the city; designers such as Philippe Starck made their names in Milan.

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Events all Year!

Weeks 300x200

Milan Weeks: fashion, design, food, art, culture, architecture, cinema... which one do you love the most? Discover how you can experience your passion with Milan Weeks.

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Sport and Football

Sports and football 300x200

Home to the Meazza San Siro Stadium, "La Scala del Calcio", and boasting two international football teams, AC Milan and F.C. Inter, it is not hard to appreciate Milan's presence in the world of sport.

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Business 300x200

Milan is an international financial hub and the Italian innovative business capital, home of 4,700 multinational companies and over 2,000 startups. It accounts for nearly one third of all foreign-invested firms in Italy and it hosts Italy’s stock exchange headquarters.

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A Green City

Green 300x200

Milan is not a grey city despite what people still say. In fact “green maneuvers” have been built to purify the city's air and embellish architectural sites.

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