QANTAS Revises Australia – Hong Kong Schedule from NS12

As per 02DEC11 GDS timetable display, QANTAS starting 25MAR12 is revising operation to Hong Kong, in term of operational schedule.

From 25MAR12, All service from Australia to Hong Kong will move from night-time departure to day-time (between 1100 and 1400hrs), with evening arrival to Hong Kong, allowing same-day connection on British Airways service to London Heathrow (14 of 17 weekly flights). Departure time from Hong Kong will move 2-3 hours earlier, allowing shorter connection time from BA Heathrow service. From Hong Kong to Sydney, all 11 weekly service operates during night-time.


Brisbane – Hong Kong
Hong Kong departure departs at 2000hrs instead of 2000 and 2300hrs (pending on operational day)
QF097 BNE1205 – 1900HKG 333 x135
QF098 HKG2055 – 0735+1BNE 333 x247

Melbourne – Hong Kong (Previously reported on 23AUG11)
Hong Kong departure remains unchanged
QF029 MEL1415 – 2145HKG 333 D
QF030 HKG1855 – 0610+1MEL 333 D

Perth – Hong Kong
Hong Kong departure operates 2.5 hours earlier
QF067 PER1110 – 1900HKG 333 135
QF068 HKG2055 – 0445+1PER 333 247

Sydney – Hong Kong
QF088 from Hong Kong moves from day-time to night-time
QF127 SYD1045 – 1755HKG 388 x123
QF127 SYD1045 – 1755HKG 744 123
QF087 SYD1425 – 2200HKG 333 357
QF087 SYD1425 – 2200HKG 332 1

QF128 HKG1955 – 0700+1SYD 388 x123
QF128 HKG1955 – 0700+1SYD 744 123
QF088 HKG2330 – 1045+1SYD 332 1
QF088 HKG2330 – 1045+1SYD 333 357

QF127 schedule remains unchanged as it already operates from SYD in the morning hours.

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