AEROFLOT S12 Russia-CIS/European Operation Changes as of 02MAR12

As per 02MAR12 GDS timetable and inventory display, latest changes to AEROFLOT’s Planned Summer 2012 (effective 25MAR12) Domestic Russia, CIS, European operation as follows. Latest changes sees network re-alignment with AEROFLOT Group member carriers, as well as changes to London service during Summer Olympics.

Note this list only includes AEROFLOT, not including entire AEROFLOT Group member carriers. Additional changes remain possible.

Ekaterinburg – Larnaca 28APR12 – 06OCT12 NEW 2 weekly service on board A320. Reservation is now open
SU700 SVX0700 – 0900LCA 320 36
SU701 LCA1000 – 1740SVX 320 3
SU701 LCA1000 – 1750SVX 320 6

Moscow Sheremetyevo – Adler/Sochi 
*Planned Ilyushin Il96 service on SU1126/1127 from 01JUN12 to 30SEP12 is cancelled. Airbus A320/321 continues to operate service
*AEROFLOT Group member Vladivostok Air launches Daily service, total SU service increases from 5 to 6 Daily

Moscow Sheremetyevo – Antalya Service to operate 15 weekly during peak season. Previous plan was reduce from 17 to 14 weekly. Note the latest operational day changes
SU2140 SVO0600 – 0815AYT IL9 x13
SU2142 SVO1010 – 1225AYT 333 D
SU2144 SVO1450 – 1730AYT IL9 257

SU2141 AYT0915 – 1315SVO IL9 5
SU2141 AYT0915 – 1325SVO IL9 246
SU2141 AYT0915 – 1330SVO IL9 7
SU2143 AYT1325 – 1740SVO 333 D
SU2145 AYT1825 – 2255SVO IL9 257

Moscow Sheremetyevo – Ashgabat 5 weekly A319 service has been cancelled since Feb 2012. Service remains cancelled in S12
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Astrakhan Increasing from 1 Daily in S11 to 3 Daily in S12, the airline will offer 2 Daily SuperJet SSJ100-95 (SU9) and 1 Daily A320 service, instead of previous changes to 3 Daily SU9
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Bologna NEW 1 Daily service from 01JUN12. Although reservation remains not open, the airline has revised operational schedule
SU2424 SVO0930 – 1100BLQ 320 D
SU2425 BLQ1200 – 1710SVO 320 D

Moscow Sheremetyevo – Bucharest Service operates 3 weekly in S12 with SU9, replacing planned A319
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Budapest Increases from 11 to 14 weekly
SU2030 SVO1020 – 1045BUD 320 D
SU2032 SVO1835 – 1910BUD 320 D

SU2031 BUD1135 – 1600SVO 320 D
SU2033 BUD2000 – 0030+1SVO 320 D

Moscow Sheremetyevo – Copenhagen Increases from 1 to 2 Daily. New late-night service is now open for reservation and to be operated by SU9 instead of A319
SU2220 SVO1055 – 1125CPH 320 D
SU2222 SVO2045 – 2115CPH SU9 D

SU2221 CPH1225 – 1650SVO 320 D
SU2223 CPH2340 – 0405+1SVO SU9 D

Moscow Sheremetyevo – Donetsk NEW 1 Daily service (previously planned 2 Daily) eff 25MAR12. Reservation is now open.
SU1812 SVO1835 – 1925DOK SU9 D
SU1813 DOK2040 – 2325SVO SU9 D

Moscow Sheremetyevo – Irkutsk Planned Ilyushin Il96 operation on SU1444/1445 (1 of 3 Daily flights) from 02JUN12 is cancelled. A320 continues operation on this flight
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Istanbul Planned service increase from 18 weekly in S11 to 21 weekly in S12 is Cancelled
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Khabarovsk Service transfers to OrenAir from 25MAR12. Planned 2nd Daily flight by SU is unchanged (See earlier report)

Moscow Sheremetyevo – London Gatwick Limited time only service during Olympics operating on 25JUL12, 26JUL12, 13AUG12 and 14AUG12. Reservation is not available for the moment. Note the latest flight number changes
SU2704 SVO1120 – 1230LGW 333
SU2706 SVO1550 – 1700LGW 333

SU2705 LGW1330 – 2020SVO 333
SU2707 LGW1800 – 0050+1SVO 333

Moscow Sheremetyevo – London Heathrow Planned Airbus A330-300 operates during Olympics has been revised from 23 round-trips to 6
SU2570 SVO1005 – 1100LHR 333 13AUG12
SU2578 SVO1120 – 1230LHR 333 25JUL12-26JUL12/13AUG12
SU263 SVO1855 – 1955LHR 333 13AUG12
SU2582 SVO2045 – 2145LHR 333 26JUL12

SU2571 LHR1150 – 1830SVO 333 13AUG12
SU2579 LHR1325 – 2015SVO 333 25JUL12-26JUL12/13AUG12
SU2583 LHR2230 – 0530+1SVO 333 26JUL12
SU2575 LHR2235 – 0535+1SVO 333 13AUG12

Moscow Sheremetyevo – Mineralnye Vody Overall service is to increase from 16 weekly to 5 Daily (previously planned 21 weekly). However, AEROFLOT will only operate 1 Daily as the rest of 4 Daily service will be operated by AEROFLOT Group carrier Donavia

Moscow Shremetyevo – Samarkand Planned operation in Summer service is CANCELLED
Moscow Shremetyevo – Stuttgart NEW Service eff 27APR12. Note the operational schedule changes
SU2336 SVO1210 – 1330STR 319 D
SU2337 STR1420 – 1925SVO 319 D

Moscow Sheremetyevo – Vilnius NEW Service eff 25MAR12 (VNO dep from 26MAR12), reservation is now open
SU2108 SVO2140 – 2215VNO SU9 D
SU2109 VNO0540 – 0805SVO SU9 D

Moscow Sheremetyevo – Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Service to continue operates 10 weekly in S12 (Previously planned to increase to 2 Daily). Service operates with A330-300 and 767-300ER, replacing Ilyushin Il96 and 767-300ER. Note the operational day changes for SU1722/1723
SU1720 SVO1805 – 0925+1UUS 333 D
SU1722 SVO2205 – 1320+1UUS 763 246 25MAY12-

SU1721 UUS1210 – 1430SVO 333 D
SU1723 UUS1620 – 1830SVO 763 357 26MAY12-

As being repeatedly reported in the past since August 2011, AEROFLOT is changing all of its Russia-CIS/European flight numbers to 4-digit from SU1000 to SU2999

Previously Reported Changes:
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Alicante NEW Service eff 01JUN12, not available for reservation
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Athens Increases from 7 to 11 weekly
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Berlin Late-night service schedule changes from 03JUN12, followed by the moving from Schoenfeld to Brandenburg in Berlin
SU2317 SXF0030 – 0500SVO 320 D -02JUN12
SU2617 SXF0030 – 0500SVO 320 03JUN12
SU2317 BER2310 – 0340+1SVO 320 D 03JUN12-

Moscow Sheremetyevo – Brussels Increases from 10 to 14 weekly
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Dniepropetrovsk NEW Service eff 25MAR12. However, the airline plans to operate 1 Daily, reduced from 2. Reservation remains not available
SU1816 SVO0955 – 1035DNK SU9 D
SU1817 DNK1130 – 1405SVO SU9 D

Moscow Sheremetyevo – Dubrovnik Summer service operates 01JUN12 – 30SEP12, increases from 3 weekly in S11 to Daily in S12
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Kazan Increases from 3 to 4 Daily. SuperJet operation to operate thrice daily, increases from planned 2 Daily
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Kemerovo 25MAR12 – 31MAY12 Airbus A320 replaces A321. Service in Summer operates 1 Daily, reduced from 2 Daily A319/320 in S11
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Krakow NEW Service eff 01JUN12. However, service to operate 4 times a week instead of previously planned Daily. Reservation remains not available
SU2004 SVO0940 – 1000KRK SU9 x136
SU2005 KRK1120 – 1530SVO SU9 x136

Moscow Sheremetyevo – Madrid Increases from 13 weekly in S11 to 14 weekly in S12. Planned A321 service on 1 of 2 Daily flight from 01JUN12 is cancelled. Service operates 2 Daily A320

Moscow Sheremetyevo – Malaga eff 27APR12 Summer service operates 7 weekly in S12, increases from 5 in S11 (Previously planned 9)
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Nice eff 01JUL12 Increases from 14 to 16 weekly
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Nizhnekamsk NEW 1 Daily Service eff 25MAR12
SU1186 SVO2205 – 2345NBC SU9 D
SU1187 NBC0600 – 0750SVO SU9 D 26MAR12-

Moscow Sheremetyevo – Nizhnevartovsk Summer service operates 2 Daily, same as S11. However 1 of 2 Daily service operates with Su9, instead of Airbus A320
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Orenburg NEW 1 Daily Service eff 26MAR12
SU1244 SVO0145 – 0555REN SU9 D
SU1245 REN0650 – 0710SVO SU9 D

Moscow Sheremetyevo – Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Service to operate 10 weekly in S12 (Previously planned increase to 14 weekly is Cancelled)
SU1730 SVO1640 – 0920+1PKC 333 D
SU1732 SVO2220 – 1430+1PKC 763 135 25MAY12-

SU1731 PKC1220 – 1325SVO 333 x246
SU1731 PKC1220 – 1330SVO 333 246
SU1733 PKC1710 – 1745SVO 763 246 26MAY12-

SU1730/1731 operates with 767-300 until 25MAY12 from SVO, 26MAY12 from PKC

Moscow Sheremetyevo – St. Petersburg eff 01JUN12 Increases from 12 to 13 Daily
SU012 SVO1035 – 1200LED 320 D
SU013 LED1250 – 1410SVO 320 D

Moscow Sheremetyevo – Samara Summer service operates 26 weekly, increases from 14 weekly in S11 (Previously planned to increase to 21 weekly)
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Simferopol Overall service Increase from 2 Daily in S11 to 4 Daily in S12
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Tomsk NEW 1 Daily Service eff 02JUN12
SU1530 SVO0015 – 0725TOF 320 D
SU1531 TOF0835 – 1005SVO 320 D

Moscow Sheremetyevo – Venice Increases from 13 weekly in S11 to 14 weekly in S12. SU2420/2421 operates with A321 instead of A320 from 27MAY12 to 24SEP12
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Vladivostok eff 01JUN12 Summer service in S12 operates with Airbus A330-300 twice daily, replacing 1 Daily each of A330-300 and 767-300ER in S11