KLM W12 Long-Haul Operation Changes as of 10MAY12

As per 10MAY12 GDS timetable and inventory display, latest changes to KLM’s Winter 2012/13 operation changes as follows. Additional changes remain possible:

Amsterdam – Accra Airbus A330-200 replaces -300 on Day 1
Amsterdam – Atlanta Planned Boeing 777-200ER/-300ER operation cancelled. Service operates with A330-200 (Day 37) and -300 (Day x37)
Amsterdam – Buenos Aires Planned service increase from 3 to 4 weekly remains unchanged. However service operates with 777-200ER, replacing previously planned -300ER
Amsterdam – Cairo Winter service reduces from daily to 4 weekly, 777-200ER operating
Amsterdam – Cape Town Boeing 777-200ER operates daily. Previously planned 777-200ER/-300ER operation cancelled
Amsterdam – Dar es Salaam – Kilimanjaro Daily service operates with Airbus A330-300, replacing planned Boeing 777-200ER/-300ER
Amsterdam – Dubai Service reduces from 12 weekly in W11 to daily in W12 (Previously to reduce to 11 weekly)
KL427 AMS1425 – 2350DXB 772 D
KL428 DXB0150 – 0615AMS 772 D

Amsterdam – Johannesburg eff 06DEC12 Boeing 777-300ER enters operation twice a week on Day 46, replacing -200ER
Amsterdam – Kuala Lumpur Overall service to increase from daily to 10 weekly
KL811 AMS1235 – 0720+1KUL 74E 13
KL811 AMS1235 – 0735+1KUL 772 6

KL812 KUL0920 – 1520AMS 772 7
KL812 KUL0950 – 1520AMS 74E 24

Amsterdam – Kuala Lumpur – Jakarta Boeing 777-300ER operates 4 times a week (Day x136 from AMS, Day x247 from KUL/CGK) instead of previously planned 5
Amsterdam – Lagos Airbus A330-200 operates daily, replacing planned -300
Amsterdam – New York JFK Operational aircraft changes
KL641/642 772 Daily
KL643/644 74E Day x157 744 Day 57 772 Day 1

Amsterdam – Osaka Kansai Boeing 777-300ER operates 3 times a week (Day 136 from AMS, Day 247 from KIX), instead of -200ER
Amsterdam – Panama City MD11 replaced by
28OCT12 – 02DEC12 772 Day x35 77W Day 35
03DEC12 – 24FEB13 772 Daily
25FEB13 – 30MAR13 772 Day x35 77W Day 35

Amsterdam – Paramaribo 03DEC12 – 26JAN13 Service increases from 3 weekly (Day 246) to 4 weekly (Day x357). Boeing 747-400 operating
Amsterdam – Quito – Guayaquil – Amsterda eff 04DEC12 Service Increases from 4 to 5 weekly, 777-200ER operates on Day 247, -300ER on Day 35
Amsterdam – Sao Paulo Boeing 777-300ER operates on Day 147, 777-200ER on Day x147
Amsterdam – Shanghai Pu Dong Overall service reduces from 12 weekly to 10 weekly
KL895 AMS1710 – 1040+1PVG 74E D
KL893 AMS2110 – 1445+1PVG 74E 246

KL896 PVG1235 – 1725AMS 74E D
KL894 PVG2355 – 0440+1AMS 74E 357

Amsterdam – Taipei – Manila Boeing 777-300ER replacing -200ER on Day 146 (Day 257 from TPE/MNL). A notice was issued to travel agencies in Taiwan.
Amsterdam – Tehran Planned service increase from 4 weekly to Daily is CANCELLED. MD11 operates 4 times a week (Day x246)
Amsterdam – Tokyo Narita 28OCT12 – 30NOV12 Service to operate 8 weekly instead of daily (Schedule of extra flights below)
KL863 AMS1735 – 1300+1NRT 772 4
KL864 NRT1440 – 1840AMS 772 5

Amsterdam – Washington Dulles Airbus A330-200 to operate Daily, replacing previously planned A330-200/-300

Previously reported changes:
Amsterdam – Bangkok Boeing 777-300ER operates 4 times a week (Day x134 from AMS), 777-200ER 3 times a week (Day 134)
Amsterdam – Calgary Service operates 5 weekly in W12, increases from 4 in W11
Amsterdam – Miami 5 weekly service with MD11 resumes
Amsterdam – Rio de Janeiro Service increases from 3 weekly to 4 weekly, 777-200ER operating
Amsterdam – San Francisco Airbus A330-200 operates 6 weekly, increases from 5 weekly MD11 in W11

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