brussels airlines West/South Africa Operation Changes from Oct 2012

As per GDS timetable and inventory display on 27JUN12, brussels airlines is adjusting operations to Western and Southern parts of Africa from 01OCT12. List of changes as follows.

Destination Summary:
Abidjan Reduces from daily to 6 weekly with some operational routing change
Banjul Reduces from 4 to 3 weekly from 01FEB13
Conakry Service remains 2 weekly
Cotonou Service remains 2 weekly
Dakar Service remains 4 weekly
Douala Service remains 5 weekly
Freetown Reduces from 2 to 1 weekly from 01FEB13 with A330-200 (A330-300 also operates from 01OCT12 to 31JAN13)
Kinshasa Service reduces from daily to 5 weekly
Lome Service operates via Ouagadougou in each direction, replacing BRU ABJ LFW BRU
Monrovia Service remains 3 weekly
Ouagadougou Service operates nonstop in each direction, extending to Lome. This replaces BRU BKO OUA BRU
Yaounde Service reduces from 5 to 4 weekly, via Douala

Airbus A330-200 replaces -300 on service to Abidjan (1 weekly only), Bamako, Lome, Ouagadougou from 01OCT12.

Schedules of New Routing (effective 28OCT12):
Brussels – Bamako – Abidjan A330-300 replaces -200 from 17DEC12 to 03JAN13
SN281 BRU1125 – 1635BKO1725 – 1905ABJ 332 1
SN282 ABJ2015 – 2155BKO2255 – 0540+1BRU 332 1

Local Traffic rights currently available for Bamako – Abidjan sector

Brussels – Banjul – Conakry – Brussels A330-300 replaces -200 from 14NOV12 to 30JAN13
SN215 BRU1325 – 1835BJL1950 – 2055CKY2215 – 0540+1BRU 332 3

Brussels – Ouagadougou – Lome A330-300 replaces -200 from 10NOV12 to 02FEB13
SN261 BRU1200 – 1650OUA1740 – 1910LFW 330 26
SN262 LFW2020 – 2150OUA2250 – 0530+1BRU 330 26

No Local Traffic Rights on Ouagadougou – Lome sector

Brussels – Abidjan – Cotonou – Brussels
SN229 BRU1405 – 1945ABJ2055 – 2315COO0025+1 – 0655+1BRU 333 2

Operational routing summary:
Brussels – Abidjan – Monrovia – Brussels SN247 1 weekly service unchanged
Brussels – Conakry – Banjul – Brussels SN217 1 of 2 weekly service operates as SN215 in opposite direction
Brussels – Cotonou – Abidjan – Brussels SN231 1 of 2 weekly service operates as SN229 in opposite direction
Brussels – Freetown – Banjul – Brussels SN219 Service reduces from 2 to 1 weekly from 01FEB13
Brussels – Monrovia – Abidjan – Brussels SN245 2 weekly service unchanged
Brussels – Douala – Kinshasa SN351/352 Day 5 southbound service, Day 6 northbound does not operate from 08DEC12 to 10JAN13 (However BRU DLA sector will operate as SN371/372)
Brussels – Luanda – Kinshasa – Brussels SN359 on Day 7 operates with A330-200 instead of -300 from 16DEC12 to 06JAN13

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