Update as of 05MAY13: Boeing 787 Operators Planned Service Resumption

As per 05MAY13 GDS timetable and inventory display, latest changes to existing Boeing 787 operators’ (including new operators – Norwegian and Thomson Airways) plan for its Dreamliner service resumption dates are listed below. Further changes to planned resumption dates will be reported during the course of next few weeks once GDS info is being updated.

*Air India
Last updated on 01MAY13
Delhi – Bangalore 1 daily (AI803/505) resumes from 24MAY13 (Service operates as AI439 Delhi – Chennai – Bangalore – Delhi with A330-200 till 23MAY13)
Delhi – Chennai 1 daily (AI439/430) from 24MAY13
Delhi – Frankfurt 1 daily from 01JUN13 (Boeing 777-200LR operating until 31MAY13)
Delhi – Kolkata 1 daily (AI020/021) from 22MAY13
Delhi – London Heathrow 1 daily (AI115/116) from 01JUN13 (Boeing 777-200LR operating this flight until 31MAY13)
Delhi – Paris CDG 1 daily from 01JUN13 (Boeing 777-300ER operating this flight until 31MAY13)

* Please refer to latest update on 07MAY13

*Planned Boeing 787 service resumes from 01JUN13. Information below is based on last schedule update on 25FEB13.
Osaka Itami – Kagoshima 1 daily
Tokyo Haneda – Akita 1 daily
Tokyo Haneda – Frankfurt 1 daily
Tokyo Haneda – Fukuoka 1 daily
Tokyo Haneda – Hiroshima 2 daily
Tokyo Haneda – Kagoshima 5 daily
Tokyo Haneda – Kumamoto 4 daily
Tokyo Haneda – Matsuyama 2 daily
Tokyo Haneda – Miyazaki 3 daily
Tokyo Haneda – Okayama 3 daily
Tokyo Haneda – Osaka Itami 3 daily
Tokyo Haneda – Takamatsu 3 daily
Tokyo Haneda – Toyama 3 daily
Tokyo Haneda – Yamaguchi-Ube 3 daily
Tokyo Narita – San Jose CA 5 weekly from 01SEP13
Tokyo Narita – Seattle 5 weekly from 02SEP13

Contrary to media reports and internet forum discussions, reservation for ANA’s Boeing 787 operations on/after 01JUN13, remain opened since late-February. ANA’s schedule changes only covered flights until 31MAY13 inclusive.

*Ethiopian Airlines
Last updated on 30APR13; Boeing 787 aircraft operated one-off Addis Ababa – Nairobi route on 27APR13 as world’s first Boeing 787 service since the end of grounding
Addis Ababa – Dubai Boeing 787 aircraft begin operation on this route since 28APR13, frequency varies
Addis Ababa – Frankfurt Boeing 787 aircraft began daily service since 28APR13
Addis Ababa – Harare – Lusaka – Addis Ababa 4 weekly from 17MAY13
Addis Ababa – London Heathrow 6 weekly service operating from 08MAY13 to 15JUN13
Addis Ababa – Lusaka – Harare – Addis Ababa 3 weekly from 16MAY13
Addis Ababa – Mumbai 1 daily from 16MAY13
Addis Ababa – Toronto 1 of 3 weekly service from 19JUN13
Addis Ababa – Washington Dulles Up to 5 weekly from 16MAY13 to 15JUN13 (outbound via Rome; IAD departure 17MAY13 to 16JUN13)

* Please refer to latest update on 07MAY13

Last updated on 30APR13. Planned 787 operation in Winter 2013/14 season is also included
Tokyo Haneda – Beijing eff 01JUN13 1 Daily
Tokyo Haneda – Singapore eff 01JUN13 1 Daily
Tokyo Narita – Boston eff 01JUN13 1 Daily
Tokyo Narita – San Diego eff 01JUN13 1 Daily
Tokyo Narita – Singapore eff 01JUN13 2 Daily (JL710 from 02JUN13)
Tokyo Narita – Helsinki eff 01JUL13 Boeing 787 begins operation with daily service
Tokyo Narita – Delhi eff 12JUL13 1 Daily (Previously to be resumed from 01JUN13)
Tokyo Haneda – San Francisco eff 01SEP13 1 daily, replacing Boeing 777-200ER (SFO from 31AUG13)
Tokyo Narita – Moscow Domodedovo eff 01SEP13 3 weekly (Previously to be resumed from 01JUN13)
Tokyo Narita – Sydney eff 01DEC13 1 daily, replacing Boeing 777-200ER
Tokyo Narita – Bangkok eff 02DEC13 4 weekly (JL707 Day x357; JL718 Day x146)

LAN Airlines
*NEW UPDATE as of 05MAY13
Santiago de Chile – Lima – Los Angeles 1 daily from 01JUN13 (4 weekly from 01AUG13 to 07SEP13 from SCL)
Santiago de Chile – Lima 08JUL13 – 08AUG13 7 weekly service
*Santiago de Chile – Madrid – Frankfurt 1 daily from 08SEP13 (Postponed from 30JUN13)

LOT Polish Airlines
Last updated on 25APR13
Warsaw – Chicago eff 05JUN13 11 weekly
Warsaw – Toronto eff 07JUN13 3 weekly (7 weekly from 28JUN13)
Warsaw – New York JFK eff 30JUN13 2 weekly (1 weekly from 01AUG13)

Last updated on 21APR13
Oslo – Bangkok 3 weekly from 31AUG13
Oslo – New York JFK 3 weekly from 01SEP13
Stockholm – Bangkok 3 weekly from 31AUG13
Stockholm – New York JFK 3 weekly from 02SEP13

QATAR Airways
*NEW UPDATE as of 05MAY13
Doha – Dubai Boeing 787 aircraft resumed commercial operation on 01MAY13; will operate up to 7 daily service for the month of May 2013
**Doha – Frankfurt 1 daily from 26MAY13 (2 daily from 01JUL13)
*Doha – London Heathrow 1 daily (QR075/076) from 15MAY13 (EXCEPT 15JUN13 – 20JUN13 and 29JUN13)
**Doha – Munich 1 daily from (QR009/010) 20MAY13 (11 weekly from 01JUN13, 14 weekly from 02OCT13)
Doha – Zurich 1 daily from 01JUN13

** Planned operational frequencies for the month of June 2013 has been revised, which will be appearing on 06MAY13’s report.

Thomson Airways
Thomson Airways on 30APR13 announced its intention to begin Boeing 787 service on 08JUL13, however no specific route mentioned. Below is the airline’s planned Boeing 787 Dreamliner operation
East Midlands – Cancun
East Midlands – Orlando Sanford
Glasgow – Cancun
Glasgow – Orlando Sanford
London Gatwick – Cancun
London Gatwick – Orlando Sanford
Manchester – Cancun
Manchester – Orlando Sanford

Last updated on 04MAY13; First Boeing 787 service resumption scheduled on 20MAY13, instead of 31MAY13. Please refer to schedules posted on 04MAY13.
Houston – Chicago eff 20MAY13 1 daily (3 daily from 21MAY13, 4 daily from 22MAY13 to 09JUN13 only. On 20MAY13, First Boeing 787 resumption flight operating as UA001/002)
Houston – Denver eff 21MAY13 1 daily (2 daily from 22MAY13, 3 daily from 24MAY13, 4 daily from 25MAY13. Overall service to operate 1 daily only from 10JUN13)
Houston – Los Angeles eff 24MAY13 2 daily (3 daily from 25MAY13 to 09JUN13)
Houston – London Heathrow UA124/125, 10JUN13 – 31JUL13 (LHR 11JUN13 – 01AUG13; Temporary replacing UA985/984 767 service)
Denver – Tokyo Narita effective 10JUN13 (11JUN13 from NRT)
Houston – Lagos effective 01AUG13 (02AUG13 from LOS)
Los Angeles – Tokyo Narita effective 01AUG13 (02AUG13 from NRT)
Los Angeles – Shanghai Pu Dong effective 02AUG13 (03AUG13 from PVG)

UNITED Domestic 787 operation, except Houston – Denver, is scheduled until 31JUL13 inclusive.

All information is based on latest listing on 05MAY13, further changes remain highly possible.