Emirates W13 Operation Changes as of 31MAY13

As per 31MAY13 GDS inventory display, latest changes to Emirates’ Winter 2013/14 operation, effective 01OCT13, as follow. Additional changes remain possible in the coming months.

Dubai – Athens Boeing 777-300 replaced by
27OCT13 – 01MAR14 Airbus A330-200
eff 02MAR14 A330-200 on Day 567, A340-500 on Day x567

Dubai – Dar es Salaam eff 01OCT13 Airbus A330-200 replaces 2-class Boeing 777-300ER
EK725 DXB1050 – 1455DAR 332 D
EK726 DAR1645 – 2320DXB 332 D

Dubai – Kuala Lumpur EK346/347 Airbus A380 configuration changes
01OCT13 – 26OCT13 Airbus A380 (38M) continues operation, previously planned to be operated by Airbus A380 (38L)
27OCT13 – 31DEC13 Airbus A380 (38L)
01JAN14 – 01FEB14 Airbus A380 (38M)
eff 02FEB14 Airbus A380 (38L)

Dubai – Nairobi EK721/722 aircraft changes, 777-200ER replaced by
01OCT13 – 31JAN14 A330-200
eff 01FEB14 A340-500
EK719 DXB1045 – 1455NBO 345 D
EK721 DXB1545 – 1955NBO 332 D

EK720 NBO1640 – 2240DXB 345 D
EK722 NBO2335 – 0535+1DXB 332 D

Dubai – Singapore eff 01JAN14 EK354/355 Airbus A380 (38L) replaces A380 (38M; Previously planned to start from 01DEC13)
Dubai – Venice eff 01OCT13 Service reduced from 2 to 1 daily. 2-class Boeing 777-300ER operates on daily basis
EK135 DXB1005 – 1350VCE 77W D
EK136 VCE1520 – 0010+1DXB 77W D

Previously reported changes:
Dubai – Bangkok eff 27OCT13 EK372/373 operated by Airbus A380 (38L) instead of Boeing 777-300ER (38M from 31DEC13)
Dubai – Brisbane – Auckland eff 01OCT13 Airbus A380 (38L) replaces Boeing 777-300ER
Dubai – Clark eff 01OCT13 NEW 1 daily service by 2-class 777-300ER
Dubai – Hong Kong
EK386/387 eff 27OCT13 NEW 3rd daily nonstop service with A330-200, 3-class 777-300ER with First Class Suite operating from 01FEB14
EK380/381 eff 01JAN14 A380 operation increases from 2 weekly to daily

Dubai – London Gatwick eff 27OCT13 EK011/012 3-class Boeing 777-300ER with First Class Suite replace 3-class -300 (Note this flight in W12 occasionally switches to 77W)
Dubai – Madrid 01OCT13 – 31JAN14 EK143/144 Boeing 777-200LR replaces 3-class -300ER with First Class Suite
Dubai – Milan Malpensa – New York JFK eff 01OCT13 NEW 1 daily service by 3-class 777-300ER with First Class Suite
Dubai – Nice eff 01JAN14 3-class Boeing 777-300ER with First Class Suite replaces 3-class -300

Airbus A380 Configuration:
38L = 489-seater
38M = 517-seater