Update 2: AEROFLOT Consolidates Vladivostok Air / SAT Airlines Operation from late-Oct 2013

As per 03SEP13 GDS timetable/inventory display, AEROFLOT has updated its planned consolidation in Russia Far-East, which sees AEROFLOT Group carrier Vladivostok Air operation being gradually transferred to SAT Airlines (Sakhalinskiy Aviatrassy) from 27OCT13. Planned operational on/after 27OCT13 as follow. Note all planned transition and current GDS display status remains subject to change.

Following Vladivostok Air operational service will be transferred to SAT Airlines. Codeshare flight number will switch from SU4600 – 4699 to SU5600 – 5699 series (In this update, planned effective dates of transition is listed, although subject to change):
~eff 27OCT13 Khabarovsk – Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky ^
~eff 27OCT13 Khabarovsk – Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk ** (13 of 23 weekly operated by SAT. 21 of 23 weekly from 06DEC13, all service by SAT from 31JAN14)
~eff 27OCT13 Vladivostok – Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk ^ (All service operated by SAT)
eff 14NOV13 Khabarovsk – Magadan (1 of 5 weeklyly; 2 weekly from 26NOV13. All service operated by SAT from 30JAN14)
eff 15NOV13 Khabarovsk – Harbin
eff 16NOV13 Khabarovsk – Novosibirsk (5 of 7 weekly. All service operated by SAT from 29JAN14)
eff 16NOV13 Vladivostok – Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (4 of 7 weekly; 5 weekly from 29NOV13. All service operated by SAT from 29JAN14)
eff 17NOV13 Vladivostok – Busan (No operation from 27OCT13 to 16NOV13)
*eff 17NOV13 Vladivostok – Seoul Incheon (6 of 7 weekly)
eff 19NOV13 Khabarovsk – Irkutsk
*eff 20NOV13 Vladivostok – Hong Kong (No operation from 27OCT13 to 19NOV13)
eff 08DEC13 Khabarovsk – Krasnoyarsk (3 of 4 weekly. All service operated by SAT from 01FEB14)

Selected routes will be operated by Airbus A319 (Except marked with ^ operated by Boeing 737; marked with ** operated by 737/A319)
Routes marked with ~ represents current operation (in Summer 2013) operated by both SAT Airlines and Vladivostok Air

Following routes currently displays Vladivostok Air’s “XF” code only, on/after 27OCT13:
*Khabarovsk – Beijing
*Khabarovsk – Tashkent
*Vladivostok – Novosibirsk
*Vladivostok – Seoul Incheon (1 weekly)
*Vladivostok – Yakutsk (No operation from 30NOV13)

Following routes are currently operated by Vladivostok Air, however flights are not being displayed on/after 27OCT13:
Khabarvosk – Seoul Incheon
Khabarovsk – Tokyo Narita
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Blagoveschensk
*Vladivostok – Beijing
Vladivostok – Blagoveschensk
Vladivostok – Harbin
Vladivostok – Tokyo Narita

Following routes currently operated by Vladivostok Air to be replaced by AEROFLOT Mainline on/after 27OCT13:
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Chita
Moscow Sheremetyevo – Ulan-Ude

Routes listed in this post marked with * represents new adjustment since last report on 17JUL13