Icelandair S14 Operation Changes as of 03SEP13: New Service to Edmonton / Vancouver

Icelandair around 1500GMT 03SEP13 has updated its Summer 2014 schedule, which sees a number of service increases, as well as new routes. Planned operation for Summer 2014 as follow.

Icelandair is expanding service to Western Canada in Summer 2014, with the launch of Edmonton and Vancouver service. It’ll also add Geneva operation as well.

Reykjavik – Edmonton eff 26MAR14 NEW 4 weekly service (operation is scheduled until January 2015 with brief suspension in Feb/Mar 2015)
FI693 KEF1645 – 1730YEG 75W x247
FI692 YEG1830 – 0650+1KEF 75W x247

Reykjavik – Geneva eff 24MAY13 NEW 2 weekly seasonal service until 23SEP14
FI564 KEF0720 – 1300GVA 75W 26
FI565 GVA1400 – 1550KEF 75W 26

Reykjavik – Vancouver eff 13MAY14 NEW 2 weekly seasonal service until 12OCT14
FI697 KEF1715 – 1750YVR 75W 27
FI696 YVR1620 – 0625+1KEF 75W 13

Service Increases:
Reykjavik – Brussels eff 30MAY14 Service increases from 3 to 4 weekly
FI554 KEF0740 – 1245BRU 75W x146
FI555 BRU1400 – 1515KEF 75W x146

Reykjavik – Denver eff 04JUN14 Service increases from 6 weekly to daily
FI671 KEF1645 – 1835DEN 75W D
FI670 DEN1720 – 0635+1KEF 75W D

Reykjavik – Glasgow eff 14APR14 Service increases from 4 to 5 weekly
FI430 KEF0735 – 1040GLA 75W x36
FI431 GLA1405 – 1525KEF 75W x36

Reykjavik – Gothenburg eff 05JUL14 Service increases from 3 to 4 weekly
FI384 KEF0030 – 0515GOT 75W x236
FI385 GOT0635 – 0730KEF 75W x236

Reykjavik – Helsinki eff 06JUN14 Service increases from 7 weekly to 9 weekly until 31AUG14
FI342 KEF0730 – 1350HEL 75W D
FI346 KEF0735 – 1355HEL 75W 57

FI347 HEL1515 – 1540KEF 75W 57
FI343 HEL1530 – 1555KEF 75W D

Reykjavik – Munich eff 28MAY14 Service increases from 5 to 6 weekly until 08SEP14
FI532 KEF0720 – 1305MUC 75W x5
FI533 MUC1405 – 1600KEF 75W x5

Reykjavik – Oslo eff 06JUN14 Service increases from 11 to 13 weekly until 04SEP14
FI318 KEF0750 – 1220OSL 75W D
FI322 KEF0830 – 1300OSL 75W 467
FI324 KEF1625 – 2055OSL 75W 157

FI319 OSL1445 – 1525KEF 75W D
FI323 OSL1500 – 1540KEF 75W 467
FI325 OSL2155 – 2235KEF 75W 157

Reykjavik – Paris CDG eff 01JUL14 Service increases from 16 to 18 weekly until 27AUG14
FI540 KEF0105 – 0620CDG 75W D
FI542 KEF0740 – 1255CDG 75W D
FI544 KEF0745 – 1300CDG 75W 6
FI546 KEF1615 – 2130CDG 75W 235

FI541 CDG0800 – 0920KEF 75W D
FI545 CDG1405 – 1535KEF 75W 6
FI543 CDG1410 – 1540KEF 75W D
FI547 CDG2240 – 2359LEF 75W 235

Reykjavik – Toronto eff 03APR14 Service increases from 4 weekly to 5 weekly (Day x26), daily from 24MAY14 to 07SEP14
FI603 KEF1700 – 1855YYZ 75W D
FI602 YYZ2110 – 0625+1KEF 75W D

Reykjavik – Zurich eff 31MAY14 Seasonal operation increases from 2 to 3 weekly until 27SEP14
FI568 KEF0720 – 1300ZRH 75W 246
FI569 ZRH1400 – 1550KEF 75W 246

All schedules listed above is based on latest update in the GDS, which currently appears until late-August 2014 (Except certain routes’ schedule listing displays until October 2014). There may be few routes with changes that are not detected.